Matchplay rules & arrangements (2014):


  • Open to players in the Silver, Gold & Platinum sections as at 27th May 2014
  • A draw will be made at club night on 27th May 2014 and put on the junior notice board. Please use the online booking system to arrange your matches, or phone the pro (844232) or secretary (843456).


  • The first round matches must be played by Monday 30th June

  • The quarter final (last 8) games must be played by Monday 21st July

  • The semi final (last 4) games must be played by Monday 18th August

  • The final match will be played on Sunday 24th August

  • Matches can unfortunately not be played on Tuesday's (evenings or daytime, as this would prevent players participating in club-night)

  • Anyone who is unable to play on/by the dates listed above should not enter the competition


  • Matches will be played from: boys-white tees, girls-red tees; using the mens card & stroke index

  • Competitors will receive the full difference in handicap.

e.g. if John's handicap = 20 & Billy's = 12...John receives 8 shots from Billy (mens stroke index 1-8).
Girls to add 3 strokes before adjusting handicaps e.g. 15 + (3)= 18, then calculate the difference.
  • Competitors may have a caddie (provided they are another junior).

  • Parents & guardians may walk the course with their children but must not offer any playing advice during the match. Penalty for breach of condition: 2 strokes for each hole at which a breach occurred.

  • Spectators of any match should ensure that the players are able to concentrate on their game and avoid any interference.

  • If the match is tied after 18 holes, there will be a ‘sudden-death’ play-off i.e. keep playing until someone wins a hole (and the match)

  • The rules of golf must be observed at all times.


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