Caddies in junior competitions:

  • As a general rule, caddies are not permitted in any 18 hole PGC Junior competitions i.e. for players with a full handicap (in the Platinum & Gold sections)*. 
  • This policy aligns with that adopted by England Golf and affiliated counties. 
  • Family & friends are however very welcome to spectate provided they do not offer any playing advice.   
* we recognise that occasionally some younger players secure their full handicap but may need some support whilst playing a full round.  This will be considered by the committee before a full handicap is allocated and where appropriate, we will arrange with parents/guardians for them to be accompanied on the course.          
  • We do however actively encourage the use of caddies in all other handicap categories (Flag, Bronze, Upper Bronze & Silver) - this recognises that players in those categories are often of a younger age and/or require some additional support and guidance during their early golfing development.  
  • Caddies - please avoid "over-coaching". Your main role should be to assist players around the course, aid club/shot selection and to help avoid unnecessary delays by shots not being played in good time.  This should also help our junior players enjoy their game more and learn from their own mistakes. 

If anyone has any questions please speak to any member of the junior committee who will be happy to help.

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