Current Handicaps as at 29th August 2017

Boys with handicaps 29-54 and girls with handicaps 37-54 will have adjustments made by the Junior Co-ordinator according to the regulations for Junior Club Handicaps. Their handicaps will be displayed on the Junior Notice board.

Boys with full handicaps 28 and below and girls 36 and below will have adjustments made by the CONGU handicap system.  Their handicaps will be displayed on the main Peel GC website (log in details are required - contact the club secretrary to register). Handicaps can also be checked on the results screen in the entry foyer.  

For a further explanation of the handicapping system look at our Why Handicap? page.


The Junior handicapping categories at Peel Golf Club are explained on our About Us page

Non Handicap

Luke BegleyMax HorneCooper MarshallCharlie Smith
Lilly Faye Bell*Tilly HulmeOliver McKeownArchie Timson
Noah BoothDan KeiverSeb MooneyZoe Townell
Poppy BregazziFrankie KellyFreddie MooneyJacob Turner
Erin CrellinFin Kelly*Jay Jay PlowmanLucas Venables
Yasmin DaleFrankie KellyMatthew RedmondJulia Vestry
Cameron Eyres*Isla KellyToby RobinsonBen Woodbridge
Mathew GawneGrace KewleyCharlie SimpsonKate

Ben LesterCharlie SmithPippa

Bronze (H'cap 47 54)Handicap HandicapChange%
19@ 28 March@ Current

Jacob Brookes5249-3-5.8%
Rudi Bryce*545400.0%
Oliver Cox*474700.0%
Josh Crabtree545400.0%
Jayden Dodd*545400.0%
Harry Eyres*474700.0%
Ollie Eyres*545400.0%
Edward Field*545400.0%
Evie Hulme5348-5-9.4%
Lizzy Jones*525200.0%
Feeagh Joughin5452-2-3.7%
Iselin Keeling5451-3-5.6%
Jackson Menton*525200.0%
Rory Moffatt545400.0%
Jack Moyer* 545400.0%
Misha Reynolds*545400.0%
Lewie Roberts5451-3-5.6%
Charlie Shefford5449-5-9.3%
Oliver Townell5450-4-7.4%

Upper Bronze (H'cap 41 - 46)Handicap HandicapChange%
25@ 28 March@ Current

Olivia Bettridge464600.0%
Hollie Biggane4442-2-4.5%
Ciaran Cain4544-1-2.2%
Faye Cain444400.0%
Ross Cameron5445-9-16.7%
Callum Christian4443-1-2.3%
Sam Davin5443-11-20.4%
Sienna Dunn4241-1-2.4%
Harrison Elkins5444-10-18.5%
Curtis Grose*434300.0%
Luke Hall454500.0%
Nathan Harmer454500.0%
Oliver Fleming454500.0%
Lorcan Keating464600.0%
Rowan Keating5045-5-10.0%
James Kelly5445-9-16.7%
Thomas Kewley454500.0%
Ellie Kniveton*454500.0%
Lisa McMullin4442-2-4.5%
Alex Merrilees4846-2-4.2%
Thomas Redmond5245-7-13.5%
John Reynolds*464600.0%
Shannon Saunders4645-1-2.2%
Graihagh Sheen5046-4-8.0%
Jack Timson5444-10-18.5%

Silver (H'cap 29 - 40 boys 37 - 40 girls)Handicap HandicapChange%
7@ 28 March@ Current

Dean Bettridge404000.0%
Ellis Dunn4339-4-9.3%
Ben Ferns3933-6-15.4%
Dollin Jansen*313100.0%
Rory MacLeod*363600.0%
Jack Slinger292900.0%
Tom Slinger4032-8-20.0%

Gold (H'cap 15 - 28 boys, 15 - 36 girls)Handicap HandicapH'capChange%
15@ 28 March@ 29 AugCurrent

Daniella Bettridge31.521
Kian Broadhead*25.025
Connor Cain44.028
Alex Craine28.020.9
Hollie Dawson21.521.7
Caitlin Dowds25.224.2
Izzy Dunn33.025.6
Emer Halton*18.218.2
Lauren Haxby40.036
Pheric Jansen*19.419.4
Emily Jones*26.726.7
Kelly McMullin*36.036
Scott Moffatt (handicap away)33.022
Anthony Saunders33.027.6
Jay Waters17.817.6

Platinum (H'cap 14 and below)Handicap HandicapH'capChange%
11@ 22 March@ 29 AugCurrent

Tom Cain (handicap away)1912
Ana Dawson1.80.8
Kayleigh Dawson5.15.3
Lea Dawson6.64.7
Owen Dawson7.68.5
Tommy Fenlon (handicap away)*43
Jack Gilbert (handicap - away)43
Breeshey Jansen (handicap away)5.05
James E Kelly11.511.9
Liam Kniveton 13.011.6
Joe Saunders21.011.8

Total members = 112

*Inactive = 24

Active = 88

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