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Peel Golf Club    is a picturesque course situated on the west coast of the Isle of Man. The course is extremely varied, offering a complete range of natural hazards from streams to turf banks and from pine trees to gorse.



Peel golf course

Peel Golf Club was founded in 1895 and has grown from strength to strength over the past century to now include a thriving and very popular junior section. There are currently approximately 70 juniors who regularly attend our club nights, which are held every Tuesday evening from 4pm onwards from April to September. They play a variety of golf formats depending on ability.



Playing Rights for Juniors


There are four categories of Junior Members, each with different playing rights and with a system of gradually increased fees (see below).


1.      Below 8 years of age. Use of the Practice ground only, except on junior club nights (unless the flag competition is being run), and to be supervised at all times by a competent adult.



2.      8 to 13 years of age. May play on the course at appropriate times, (determined by the Committee), but only if accompanied by a competent adult and in groups of no more than three (1 adult and 2 juniors) and only when the Junior Coordinator is satisfied that the Juniors have sufficient knowledge of etiquette, rules and safety and when they have achieved a playing handicap of 54 or better. Juniors in this age category who have achieved a handicap of 28 or better (36 for girls) and are therefore in the gold section may play the course without adult supervision provided that they play with other gold category juniors.


                         Golfer dresscode



3. 14 – 15 years of age. May use the course at designated times, for general play, in groups of no more than 4 and unaccompanied provided that the Junior Coordinator approves their competence. Each player must have his or her own golf clubs and bag and have a full playing handicap of 28 or better (36 for girls). Boys and girls in this age group who have not got a full handicap should play in groups of 3 or less of which 1 must be a competent adult. 

                                                                                                             Female golfing


4. 16 –18 years of age. Provided that they have an official club handicap, may use the course according to the normal rules of golf. Boys and girls in this age group who have not got a full playing handicap of 28 or better (36 for girls) shoukd play in groups of 3 or less of which 1 must be a competent adult.


Membership fees 2017


Age Category


Annual Fee

One child (under 18) of full fee paying parent/grandparent




(£15 to cover affiliation fee)

up to 11 years of age.



12 to 17 years of age.



18 to 21 years of age




Junior Handicapping categories at Peel

Non Handicappers

New young golfers have to show that they are capable of playing to approximately 3 over par on each hole in order to qualify for a 54 handicap. Before obtaining such a handicap beginners can expect to either play 3 to 4 holes on junior club nights returning their gross scores to the Committee. See our webpage ‘The Scorecard’

Alternatively, non handicappers may play in our 'flag' competition on the practice field course.  The idea of the game is to see how far around the course you can get in 36 shots. Generally, the committee will award a 54 handicap once a player is able to complete 9 holes.  


This category covers junior golfers with a handicap of 54 to 47 inclusive. They will play 6 holes on junior club night under Stableford rules – see our web page on ‘Types of Golf Competitions you might wish to play’

Upper Bronze

Players in this category will have a handicap of 46 to 41 inclusive and play 9 holes of Stableford on club night.


Players in this category will have a handicap of 40 to 29 inclusive (boys) and 40 –37 inclusive (girls) and play 15 holes of Stableford on club night. 


Players in this category will have a handicap of 28 – 15 (boys) and 36 – 15(girls) and play 18 holes of Medal or Stableford on club night.


Players in this category will have a handicap of 14 or less and play 18 holes of Medal or Stableford on club night.  If there are insufficient gold and platinum players to justify separate competitions on a club night, the sections are combined.  


Juniors - some things to remember!

Sign in before playing


Before playing the course, juniors must sign the book on the table in the entrance of the clubhouse, unless they are playing in a competition, in which case they must sign in for the competition at the pro’s shop and pay the entry fee.


Pitch mark repairer


All juniors, when they are on the course, should be in possession of a pitch mark repairer and their membership tag.




Juniors may use the clubhouse in the same way as other members, but their dress should be appropriate (see Dress Code) and they should normally leave by 9.00pm.


Golf shoes may not be worn in the clubhouse. 


                                                              Golf shoes prohibited



The snooker table is not to be used by juniors.


Senior Competitions

Peel Golf Club subscribes to the principle, that ability rather than age should be the criterion which determines whether or not, a junior be allowed to play in senior competitions. Peel Golf Club do not expect their juniors to have to achieve a higher standard than adults in order to play in senior competitions.  




Peel Golf Club do not expect, under normal circumstances,  more than 1 junior to play in any three ball or, in a fourball betterball competition, no more than 1 junior in a team. The key exception to this is that from May 2015, in line with England Golf guidance, juniors may play in senior competitions with (a) adults; or (b) juniors over the age of 14 who are in handicap categories 1 or 2 (12 or below).


It is important that, when juniors play in a senior competition that they and the adults with whom they are playing adhere to the normal rules of golf. No allowance should be made for juniors in the interpretation of the rules.

In order to qualify for entry into senior competitions, juniors must hold the handicap appropriate to that competition.


If juniors enter a senior competition it is on the understanding that they may not accept any prize that includes alcohol.

Juniors in membership categories 2, 3 and 4 (listed above) should bear in mind that Senior Members using the course have priority. It is better therefore to avoid the normal busy times and should check/register via the online booking system, before play, to see if the first tee is reserved. If in any doubt ring the pro's shop or clubhouse to check whether the first tee is reserved.


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