Final Junior Clubnight of 2016 - 6 September 2016

Our annual fun night saw the junior golfers enter into the spirit with some fantastic
fancy dress outfits. It was a stableford am am for the combined platinum, gold & silver sections 
with the other sections playing the usual individual stableford competitions.

 Today's am am winners were the team of Callum Cochrane, Izzy Dunn & Liam Kniveton

The individual category winners were: Ellis Dunn, Graihagh Sheen & Yasmin Dale

Combined Platinum, Gold & Silver section 14 hole 2 from 3 am am competition

1st - Callum Cochrane, Izzy Dunn & Liam Kniveton 73 points  
2nd - Caitlin Dowds, Emer Halton & Tom Slinger 68 points
3rd - Joseph Saunders, Tom Cain & Kase Phinney 63 points

Upper bronze

1st- Ellis Dunn, 15 points  
2nd - Hollie Biggane, 14 points
3rd - Lorcan Keating, 13 points


1st - Graihagh Sheen, 11 points
2nd - Rowan Keating, 10 points

Flag Competition

1st - Yasmin Dale, 8th hole

In a season filled with some fantastic performances, there were lots of contenders for most improved player of the season. Many congratulations go to Jack Cochrane who following his rapid progress through the ranks to secure his place in the gold section picked up this season's award.


Hopefully there will be plenty of good weather left over the coming weeks and months so keep on playing and don't forget to enter the final round of the Dandara IOM Junior Order of Merit series at Ramsey Golf Club on Sunday 18th September.


On a final note we say a huge thanks to Brian Kelly & his junior committee for their dedication and hard work in continuing to make the game so enjoyable for so many young golfers. Brian himself has been involved running PGC Juniors for over 10 years and has done a fantastic job as Junior Organiser since 2014 - he is however now taking a well earned break!


We would like to thank Brian for everything he has done to make PGC Juniors the great success it continues to be.

Martin Ellis Junior Club Championship - 30 August 2016

Congratulations to all our prize winners in tonight's Martin Ellis Junior Club Championship.
Very many thanks go to Martin's wife Margaret, brother Donald and family for their huge
generosity in supporting the event in memory of Martin who was so instrumental in the success
of both Peel Golf Club and Isle of Man junior golf. 

 Today's category winners were - Jack Gilbert (Overall 2016 Junior Club Champion),
James Kelly, Izzy Dunn, Faye Cain, Rowan Keating & Charlie Smith.

Putting Champions:
Charlie Smith (Flag), Evie Hulme (Bronze), Sienna Dunn (Upper Bronze),
Anthony Saunders (Silver) & Liam Kniveton (Gold)*  
* following a 5 way sudden death putt out between Kian Broadhead, Pheric Jansen,
Kayleigh Dawson & Ana Dawson.

Chipping Champions:
Charlie Smith (Flag), Oliver Townell (Bronze)*, Faye Cain (Upper Bronze),
Tom Cain (Silver) & Jack Gilbert (Gold)*
* both Oliver & Jack chipped in for a maximum 100 points score! 

Club Championship (gross)
1st - Jack Gilbert, 73 (+4)  
2nd - Breeshey Jansen, 78 (+6)
3rd - James Kelly, 77 (+8)

Gold/Platinum (net)
1st - James Kelly, 77 - 13 = 64 net 
2nd - Emer Halton, 87 - 22 = 65 net
3rd - Caitlin Dowds, 96 - 29 = 67 net


1st - Izzy Dunn, 31 points 
2nd - Lauren Haxby, 27 points
3rd - Tom Slinger, 26 points

Upper bronze

1st- Faye Cain, 18 points  
2nd - Ciaran Cain, 14 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, ? points


1st - Rowan Keating, 14 points
2nd - Evie Hulme, 13 points
3rd - Graihagh Sheen, 11 points

Flag Competition

1st - Charlie Smith

Whittaker Trading Stableford Competition - 23 August 2016

This rearranged competition was played in fair conditions and saw some great
scores with a number of juniors receiving handicap reductions and elevations
to lower handicap divisions - well done everyone!
We are very grateful to Whittaker Trading for its continued sponsorship and support
of the Peel Juniors section. 

 Today's winners were - Jack Gilbert, Callum Cochrane, Ellis Dunn,
Graihagh Sheen & Iselin Keeling.

1st - Jack Gilbert 39 points & winner of the Whittaker Trading Cup 
2nd - James Kelly, 36 points
3rd - Liam Kniveton, 35 points


1st - Callum Cochrane, 37 points 
2nd - Jack Cochrane, 35 points
Both Callum and Jack are promoted to the Gold Division with
reduced handicaps of 28.

Upper bronze

1st- Ellis Dunn, 16 points  
2nd - James Cochrane, 14 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, 12 points


1st - Graihagh Sheen14 points
2nd - Rowan Keating, 8 points

Flag Competition

1st - Iseline Keeling & promotion to the Bronze category

Dandara Sponsored Clubnight - 16 August 2016

Our thanks and appreciation to Dandara for sponsoring tonight's clubnight and for
Dandara's continued sponsorship of IOM Junior Golf.

 Today's winners were - Breeshey Jansen, Scott Moffatt, Connor Cain,
Thomas Redmond & Jack Timson.

1st - Breeshey Jansen, 67 net & best gross 75 -
overall winner of the Dandara Shield 
2nd - Daniella Bettridge, 71 net
3rd - Liam Kniveton, 74 net


1st - Scott Moffatt, 34 points 
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 32 points

Upper bronze

1st- Connor Cain, 15 points  
2nd - Lorcan Keating, 13 points
3rd - Faye Cain, 10 points


1st - Thomas Redmond14 points
2nd - Oliver Cox, 13 points

Flag Competition

1st - Jack Timson (9th hole) & promotion to Bronze category
2nd - Cameron Giles

RL360 Stableford Competition - 9 August 2016

Thanks to Simon Pack for presenting tonight's prizes on behalf of RL360.  We are grateful
for RL360's sponsorship and continued support. Congratulations to all the juniors who played in
the damp and drizzly conditions.

 Today's winners were - Anna Dawson, Harry Pack (Cup winner), Tom Cain (Cup winner),
Sienna Dunn, Graihagh Sheen & Iselin Keeling.


1st - Anna Dawson, 37 points  
2nd - Liam Kniveton, 35 points

1st - Harry Pack, 39 points & winner of Cup  
2nd - Daniella Bettridge, 36 points


1st - Tom Cain, 32 points & winner of Cup 
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 30 points

Upper bronze

1st- Sienna Dunn, 19 points  
2nd - Thomas Kewley, 17 points
3rd - Lorcan Keating, 10 points


1st - Graihaigh Sheen18 points
2nd - Rowan Keating, 11 points

Flag Competition

1st - Iselin Keeling

Stuart Blackley Construction Shield - 2 August 2016

Thanks to everyone who entered tonight's competition and survived the wet conditions. 
Despite the weather conditions there were some great scores recorded and a number of handicap reductions.
A big thank you to Stuart Blackley for his continued sponsorship and for presenting tonight's winners
with their prizes.

 Today's winners were - Jack Gilbert, Jack Cochrane, James Cochrane,
Lorcan Keating & Jack Timson.


1st & best gross - Jack Gilbert, 71 - 4 = 67 net  
2nd - Alex Craine, 98 - 28 = 70 net
3rd - James Kelly, 83 - 12 = 71 net


1st - Jack Cochrane, 43 points! (handicap reduced by 8 shots) 
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 27 points
3rd - Anthony Saunders, 27 points

Upper bronze

1st- James Cochrane, 12 points (on countback) 
2nd - Lisa McMullin, 12 points
3rd - Faye Cain, 9 points


1st - Lorcan Keating, 14 points
(promoted to Upper Bronze Division)

Flag Competition

1st - Jack Timson (8th fairway)

Good luck to all the Peel Juniors who are competing this Sunday (7th August, 2016) in the Order of Merit competition which
is being held at Douglas Golf Club.

(Whittaker Trading Open rescheduled to 23 August 2016)

Club night - 26 July 2016
(Whittaker Trading Open rescheduled to 23 August 2016)

Well done to everyone who braved the weather tonight. The drizzle didn't dampen
spirits or affect the golfing scores with some great results being recorded and
a number of players being elevated to higher divisions.

 Today's winners were - James Kelly, Daniella Bettridge, Lauren Haxby,
Ciaran Cain & Thomas Redmond.


1st - James Kelly, 35 points  
2nd - Liam Kniveton, 33 points


1st - Daniella Bettridge, 36 points
(promoted to Gold Division)

Upper bronze

1st- Lauren Haxby, 20 points (promoted to Silver Division) 
2nd - Shannon Saunders, 18 points
3rd - Faye Cain, 13 points


1st - Ciaran Cain, 15 points
(promoted to Upper Bronze Division)

Flag Competition

1st - Thomas Redmond (9th hole)
2nd - Edward Field
(both players promoted to Bronze Division)

Hanover Resources Trophy - 12 July 2016

Tonight saw players competing for the Hanover Resources Trophy. 
This trophy is kindly donated by Alison and Richard Jones and their continued support is really appreciated.
Thanks also to Glenn Saunders for presenting tonight's prizes on behalf of Hanover Resources.

 Today's winners were - Joe Saunders, Owen Dawson, Daniella Bettridge, Lauren Haxby,
Jackson Menton & Thomas Redmond.
Best Gross - Ana Dawson 75 (+3)

Please remember there is no club night on Tuesday 19 July as the Ladies and Mens' IOM Championships -
Quarter Finals are being played at Peel.  Your support for our Peel players will be appreciated.


1st - Joe Saunders, 89 - 21 = 68 net  
2nd - Jay Waters, 89 - 20 = 69 net
3rd - Breeshey Jansen, 80 - 7 (-3) = 70 net 


1st - Daniella Bettridge, 29 points
2nd - Anthony Saunders, 27 points

Upper bronze

1st- Lauren Haxby, 20 points 
2nd - Ellie Kniveton, 19 points
3rd - Shannon Saunders, 16 points
4th - Connor Cain, 13 points


1st - Jackson Menton, 13 points 
2nd - Ciaran Cain, 10 points

Flag Competition

1st - Thomas Redmond
2nd - Ciaran Baumann
3rd - Edward Field

Tynwald Day Junior Club Night Competition - 5 July 2016

Tynwald Day competition winners were - Owen Dawson, Alex Craine, Ellie Kniveton,
Ciaran Cain & Thomas Redmond.
Congratulations to Alex Craine on his promotion to the Gold Section.

1st - Owen Dawson, 37 points (on count back)  
2nd - Ana Dawson, 37 points  


1st - Alex Craine, 34 points
2nd - Daniella Bettridge, 28 points
3rd - Anthony Saunders, 27 points

Upper bronze

1st- Ellie Kniveton, 17 points 
2nd - Shannon Saunders, 15 points


1st - Ciaran Cain, 18 points 
2nd - Lorcan Keating, 17 points

Flag Competition

1st - Thomas Redmond

Black Grace & Cowley Sponsored Competition - 28 June 2016

The weather was kind to tonight's players in the Black Grace & Cowley sponsored competition. 
Our thanks go to Mark Grace for presenting the prizes and for his continued and long standing support of the
Peel Juniors' section.

This week's winners were -  Kayleigh Dawson, Alex Craine, Lauren Haxby,
Callum Christian & James Kelly

Callum Christian & Faye Cain are both promoted to the upper bronze category next week -
well done to you both.

1st - Kayleigh Dawson, 74 gross (66 net)  
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 72 gross (67 net)
3rd - Jay Waters, 92 gross (72 net) 


1st - Alex Craine, 31 points
2nd - Daniella Bettridge, 29 points

Upper bronze

1st- Lauren Haxby, 20 points (on count back)
2nd - Connor Cain, 20 points


1st - Callum Christian, 17 points (on count back) 
2nd - Faye Cain, 17 points

Flag Competition

1st - James Kelly (9th hole)

Peter Kniveton Trophy - 21 June 2016

Many thanks to Phil and Fliss Kniveton for their continued support of the Juniors' section
and for presenting the prizes for tonight's competition.  Once again the great playing
conditions saw some fantastic scoring - especially Hollie Dawson's 44 points which
secured her holding onto the Kniveton Trophy for the second year in a row!

This week's winners were - Hollie Dawson (winner of the Kniveton Trophy),
Owen Dawson, Jack Cochrane, Ellis Dunn, Faye Cain & Isline Keeling


1st - Owen Dawson, 40 points
2nd - Ana Dawson, 35 points

1st - Hollie Dawson, 44 points 
2nd - Liam Kniveton, 33 points


1st - Jack Cochrane, 32 points
2nd - Jack Slinger, 29 points
3rd - Tom Slinger, 26 points

Upper bronze

1st- Ellis Dunn, 19 points (on count back)
2nd - Thomas Kewley, 19 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, 14 points


1st - Faye Cain, 18 points 
2nd - Rowan Keating, 17 points
3rd - Ciaran Cain, 13 points

Flag Competition

1st - Isline Keeling (8th green)
2nd - Thomas Redmond

Peel Junior Town Cup / Daily Telegraph Qualifier Competition - 14 June 2016

Another glorious sunny night for the juniors to shine!
Plenty of great performances and subsequent handicap reductions - well done everyone!

This week's winners were - Owen Dawson (winner of the Peel Town Cup for the second time),
Hollie Dawson, Tom Slinger, James Cochrane, Olivia Bettridge & Edward Field

Daily Telegraph Qualifier best gross & net winners - Ana Dawson (75 gross / 73 net) &
Owen Dawson (75 gross / 64 net) - the finals of this competition are being held
at Quinta Do Lago in Portugal later this year! 

1st - Owen Dawson, 75 gross (64 net) winning on count back
2nd - Liam Kniveton, 81 gross (64 net)

1st - Hollie Dawson, 98 gross (70 net) 
2nd - Harry Pack, 96 gross (74 net)

1st - Tom Slinger, 30 points
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 28 points
3rd - Daniella Bettridge, 25 points

Upper bronze
1st - James Cochrane, 23 points
2nd - Ellis Dunn, 21 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, 19 points

1st - Olivia Bettridge, 16 points 
2nd - Connor Cain, 15 points
3rd - Ciaran Cain, 14 points
4th - Tyler Lowey, 14 points

Flag Competition
1st - Edward Field (9th fairway)
2nd - Thomas Redmond (8th green) 

TT Club night - 7 June 2016

Perfect conditions for TT Club night which resulted in excellent scoring and impressive
cards returned across all the junior categories.

This week's winners were - Kayleigh Dawson, Alex Craine,
Kase Phinney (promoted to Silver category),
Hollie Biggane (promoted to Upper bronze category) & Isline Keeling

Gold / Platinum
1st - Kayleigh Dawson, 40 points 
2nd - Hollie Dawson, 39 points

1st - Alex Craine, 36 points
2nd - Tom Cain, 33 points

Upper bronze
1st - Kase Phinney, 26 points

1st - Hollie Biggane, 17 points 
2nd - Faye Cain, 16 points

Flag Competition
1st - Isline Keeling (7th hole) 

3 Club Challenge Club night - 31 May 2016

The Silver, Gold & Platinum category players were challenged to playing the
course with a selection of only 3 clubs! Harry Pack chose his 3 clubs well and managed
a fantastic score with a fairway wood, 7 iron & putter.  Another junior club night with plenty
of great scores and lots of handicap reductions. Congratulations to John Reynolds who
is promoted to the Upper Bronze category.

This week's winners were - Harry Pack, Callum Cochrane,
Lauren Haxby, John Reynolds & Thomas Redmond

Gold / Platinum
1st - Harry Pack, 38 points 
2nd - Kayleigh Dawson, 26 points

1st - Callum Cochrane, 32 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn, 27 points
3rd - Jack Slinger, 25 points

Upper bronze
1st - Lauren Haxby, 20 points
2nd - Kase Phinney, 17 points

1st - John Reynolds, 17 points 
2nd - Olivia Bettridge, 16 points
3rd - Connor Cain, 15 points

Flag Competition
1st - Thomas Redmond (8th hole) 
2nd - Jack Timson (8th fairway)

Inghams Trophy - 24 May 2016

Fabulous golfing conditions this evening saw some fantastic scoring and plenty
of handicaps being broken. Well played everyone!
Thank you to Inghams for sponsoring this event and for their
continued support of the PGC Juniors section.

This week's winners were - Caitlin Dowds (winner of the Inghams Trophy), Daniella Bettridge,
Kase Phinney, Connor Cain & Edward Field

Gold / Platinum
1st - Caitlin Dowds, 42 points (on back 9) 
2nd - Harry Pack, 42 points
3rd - Joe Saunders, 39 points (on back 6) 

1st - Daniella Bettridge, 32 points
2nd - Ben Ferns, 30 points
3rd - Alex Craine, 29 points

Upper bronze
1st - Kase Phinney, 24 points
2nd - Tom Slinger, 22 points
3rd - Dean Bettridge, 20 points

1st - Connor Cain, 19 points 
Joint 2nd - Jacob Brookes & Rowan Keating, 18 points
4th - Callum Christian, 17 points

Flag Competition
1st -Edward Field 
2nd - Jack Timson
3rd - Joanna Bradburn
4th - James Kelly


KPMG Trophy - 17 May 2016

Another night of great scoring despite the damp conditions! 
A big thank you to Edward Houghton for presenting the prizes and for
KPMG's continued support of the PGC Juniors section.

This week's winners were - Jack Gilbert, Kian Broadhead (winner of the KPMG Trophy),
Anthony Saunders, Thomas Kewley, Connor Cain & Thomas Redmond

1st - Jack Gilbert, 71 gross / 65 net (and best gross)
2nd - Owen Dawson, 85 gross / 75 net

1st - Kian Broadhead, 90 gross / 63 net (and overall winner)
2nd - Joe Saunders, 88 gross / 66 net

1st - Anthony Saunders, 31 points
2nd - Rory McLeod, 30 points

Upper bronze
1st - Thomas Kewley, 17 points
2nd - Ellis Dunn, 17 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, 16 points

1st - Connor Cain, 18 points 
2nd - Hollie Biggane, 15 points
3rd - Lorcan Keating, 14 points
4th - Olivia Bettridge, 12 points

Flag Competition
1st -Thomas Redmond
2nd - Isline Keeling
3rd - Faye Cain
4th - Thomas Redmond



Conroy Henry Trophy - 10 May 2016

A fantastic turnout this week with 61 players competing in the various
handicap categories.  A big thank you to Brendan Conroy for presenting the prizes and for
his continued support of the PGC Juniors section.

This week's winners were - Jack Gilbert (winner of the Conroy Henry Trophy),
Scott Moffatt, Tom Slinger, Kase Phinney & Connor Cain

1st - Jack Gilbert, 37 points
2nd - Lea Dawson, 36 points
3rd - Joe Saunders, 34 points

1st - Scott Moffatt, 35 points
2nd - Rory McLeod, 29 points

Upper bronze
1st - Tom Slinger, 24 points
2nd - Tom Cain, 22 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, 17 points

1st - Kase Phinney, 17 points 
2nd - Thomas Kewley, 15 points
3rd - Callum Christian, 15 points
4th - Olivia Bettridge, 14 points

Flag Competition
1st - Connor Cain
2nd - Ciaran Cain
3rd - Faye Cain
4th - Thomas Redmond


Perry / Kneale Trophy - 3 May 2016

A great turnout this afternoon for the Perry / Kneale Trophy Stableford competition.
Some great performances with many juniors reducing their handicaps and for some
an elevation to the next handicap category for next week. Well played everyone!
A special mention to our American visitor Kase who scored 23 points playing in the Bronze section -
a warm PGC Juniors' welcome to you!

Many thanks to Jessie Perry for her continued support of the junior section & for presenting the prizes.
This week's winners were - Caitlin Dowd (winner of the Perry / Kneale Trophy),
Emma Noon, Daniella Bettridge, Lorcan Keating & Connor Cain

1st - Caitlin Dowd, 39 points
2nd - Lea Dawson, 38 points
3rd - Kayleigh Dawson, 38 points

1st - Emma Noon, 36 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn, 34 points
3rd - Alex Craine, 30 points

Upper bronze
1st - Daniella Bettridge, 25 points
2nd - Scott Moffatt, 25 points
3rd - Tom Cain, 18 points

1st - Lorcan Keating, 15 points 
2nd - Hollie Biggane, 13 points
3rd - Rowan Keating, 13 points
4th - Evie Hulme, 13 points

Flag Competition
1st - Connor Cain
Joint 2nd - Ciaran Cain & Edward Field


Magic Carpets Trophy - 19 April 2016

Ever increasing numbers of junior golfers turned out in sunny conditions to
play for the coveted Magic Carpets Trophy.  65 players across the various handicap categories
enjoyed great playing conditions and scoring was impressive with handicaps being smashed and several  
players being elevated to higher categories for next week.
Many thanks to Kevin & Sarah Bettridge for their continued support of the junior section &
to Sarah for presenting the prizes.
This week's winners were - Jack Timpson, Thomas Kewley, Emma Noon, Dollin Jansen, Hollie Dawson &
Jay Waters who won the Magic Carpets Trophy!

1st - Jay Waters, 40 points
2nd - Ana Dawson, 39 points

1st - Hollie Dawson, 36 points
2nd - Caitlin Dowds, 34 points

1st - Dollin Jansen, 34 points
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 33 points

Upper bronze
1st - Emma Noon, 27 points
2nd - Scott Moffatt, 24 points
3rd - Dean Bettridge, 23 points
4th - Ben Ferns, 21 points 

1st - Thomas Kewley, 14 points 
2nd - Callum Christian, 13 points
3rd - Oliver Cox, 13 points
4th - Hollie Biggane, 12 points

Flag Competition
1st - Jack Timpson
2nd - Faye Cain
3rd - Thomas Redmond

Congratulations to Ana Dawson & James Kelly our 2016 PGC Junior club captains.
Best wishes to you both for a great season!


1st Sponsored Clubnight - 12 April 2016

The first sponsored event in the junior competitions attracted 60 players across all the categories.
The gold/platinum section played a Bogey format for the Gallagher Reid Tankard.
There were some great performances on the night with a number of players
having their handicaps reduced for next week.
This week's winners were Harry Pack, Jack Slinger, Lauren Haxby,
Thomas Kewley & Faye Cain.

Apologies to Lauren Haxby for missing her from the Upper Bronze results on the night - well done
on your Upper Bronze win!

Gold/Platinum (Bogey format)
1st - Harry Pack, +7
2nd - Ana Dawson, +6
3rd - Caitlin Dowds, +3

Silver (13 holes)
1st - Jack Slinger, 34 points
2nd - Alex Craine, 32 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Lauren Haxby, 16 points
2nd - Scott Moffatt, 15 points
3rd - Sienna Dunn, 14 points
4th - James Cochrane, 14 points 

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Thomas Kewley, 15 points 
2nd - Oliver Cox, 13 points
3rd - Graighagh Sheen, 12 points
4th - Olivia Bettridge, 11 points

Flag Competition
1st - Faye Cain
2nd - Joanna Bradburn


Clubnight - 5 April 2016

Great scoring again tonight in sunny conditions. 
Well done to today's winners - Lea Dawson, Izzy Dunn, Scott Moffatt,
Hollie Biggane & Josh Crabtree.

Gold/Platinum (14 holes)
1st - Lea Dawson, 35 points
2nd - Jay Waters, 33 points
3rd - Joe Saunders, 32 points

Silver (13 holes)
1st - Izzy Dunn, 30 points
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 29 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Scott Moffatt, 16 points
2nd - James Cochrane, 11 points
3rd - Ellis Dunn, 11 points 

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Hollie Biggane, 13 points 
2nd - John Reynolds, 10 points

Flag Competition
1st - Josh Crabtree 8th Green
Joint 2nd - Ollie Townell & Misha Reynolds


Clubnight - 29 March 2016

The first juniors' clubnight saw 33 junior golfers competing in dry but
cold conditions.  It was encouraging to see a number of players having their
handicaps reduced on the first event of the new season.
Well done to Jay Waters, Callum Cochrane, Scott Moffatt and Ellie Kniveton - our
winners in their respective categories.

1st - Jay Waters, 27 points
2nd - Kayleigh Dawson, 24 points

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Callum Cochrane, 29 points
2nd - Anthony Saunders, 28 points
Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Scott Moffatt, 16 points
2nd - Sienna Dunn, 15 points
3rd - Ellis Dunn, 12 points 

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Ellie Kniveton, 18 points 
2nd - Oliver Cox, 11 points

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