8th September - Cross Country

The last clubnight of the 2015 PGC Junior season was played in perfect conditions with a big entry across all handicap sections.  

Graihagh Sheen made it to the 9th hole in her 36 shots to claim the flag competition win, a 54 handicap & promotion to the six hole bronze section.  There were new faces to the bronze podium this week - Jackson Menton taking third spot with 10 points & one further ahead was Evie Hulme claiming a great second place. Our winner though, cracking her mums new driver an absolute mile, was Ellie Kniveton with 14 points.  

The Cochrane clan conquered all that stood before them in the nine hole upper bronze category - well almost!  In 4th spot, James Cochrane shot a steady 18 points with Tom Cain one further ahead in 3rd with 19.  Jack Cochrane's fine 21 points was only enough for the runner up this week with brother Callum Cochrane taking victory in a superb 23 points.  Congratulations lads, especially Jack & Callum who are promoted to silver,  

To end the season in style & for a bit of fun, the silver, gold & platinum sections all played an 11 hole cross country, selected by Junior Captain Kayleigh Dawson.  With a maximum score of 12 per hole, all 15 players returned cards with some excellent scoring along the way.  In 4th place, Liam Kniveton continued his excellent season with a 46 net.  In 3rd & 2nd places were our junior vice captains Ana Dawson & James Kelly. Our final winner of the season though & inaugral junior cross country champion by a massive six shots was Jay Waters - many congratulations Jay. 

So, that's it for another great junior season.  Girls - don't forget the IoM junior girls championships this coming Sunday, also hosted at Peel.  We also hope to hold some junior competitions during the school holidays in the autumn, Christmas & winter....keep an eye out on our facebook page.  Keep playing & practising - even if it means an extra few layers!     


Silver/Gold/Platinum (11 holes, half handicaps)
1st - Jay Waters, 51 - 12 = 39 net
2nd - James Kelly, 51 - 6 = 45 net
3rd - Ana Dawson, 48 - 2 = 46 net (on CB)
4th - Liam Kniveton, 58 - 12 = 46 net

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Callum Cochrane, 23 points
2nd - Jack Cochrane, 21 points
3rd - Tom Cain, 19 points
4th - James Cochrane, 18 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Ellie Kniveton, 14 points 
2nd - Evie Hulme, 11 points
3rd - Jackson Menton, 10 points

1st - Graihagh Sheen (9th hole)

1st September - Club Championships

There was a great turnout for our annual junior club championships followed by a presentation by Club Captain, Peter Manzi & Junior Club Captain, Kayleigh Dawson, in front of a packed clubhouse. 

The order of merit was first up with places decided over the entire season, so consistent performances were crucial. 5th was "late season charger" James Kelly, 4th "rather be in goals" Owen Dawson, 3rd "skips when she's winning" Lea Dawson & 2nd "Rowany Captain" Jack Gilbert.  Our winner though by a clear margin was "2015 Order of Merit Champion" Ana Dawson who averaged 3rd place over 12 comps. Well done Ana!  

A special prize was also awarded to the most improved player of the season.  This went to Liam Kniveton who must be one of the first ever player in the Peel Junior section to successfully navigate their way from the flag section all the way to gold and their senior handicap all in one season......congratulations Liam!

Before going on the course, all competitors played for the annual putting & chipping titles. In bronze/upper bronze Lauren Haxby won a very tough chipping comp alongside Daniella Bettridge who took victory in the 9 hole putting challenge.  In silver/gold/platinum the chipping title went to Ana Dawson & coming out on top in putting was Captain Kayleigh Dawson.   

In the main competitions scoring was exceptionally close.  The flag competition win went to Misha Reynolds.  
The summer series of coaching must be paying off with no less than 7 competitors in the 6 hole bronze section breaking their handicaps! Well done to Tyler Lowey, Lorcan Keating, Callum Christian & Oliver Cox.  Rostrum positions went to Ellie Kniveton (18 points) & Shannon Saunders (19 points) but the win with a brilliant 9 under par 21 points went to Luke Hall. Luke & Shannon are promoted to upper bronze.
In this week's upper bronze, Daniella Bettridge & Nathan Harmer were our runners up with victory going to Sienna Dunn with 17 points.   The battle in silver was also a close run affair with Anthony Saunders & Izzy Dunn both scoring 28 points in 15 holes to take 3rd & 2nd spots. Two further ahead though was winner Rory MacLeod with a fine 31 points.  

The combined gold/platinum sections played a medal competition with net & gross prizes on offer - the title of 2015 PGC Junior Champion went to the best gross score. In the net, Jack Gilbert was 3rd on countback with 71. 2nd went to Hollie Dawson (70) who's strong challenge fizzled out when finding trouble on the difficult 18th hole - your handicap has still be chopped though Holls :0)  The net win, following up his win in last week's Magic Carpets Trophy, went to Kian Broadhead with 95 - 27, 68 net.     
There was a clear winner though in contest for Junior Champion.  On a tricky night for scoring, Breeshey Jansen (+8) & Ana Dawson (+7) finished 3rd & 2nd.  Ignoring the stiff chilly breeze on the night though was reigning champion Alex McAuley who succesfully defended his title with an excellent level par 69 gross. 

Club Championship (gross prizes) 
1st - Alex McAuley, level
2nd - Ana Dawson, +7
3rd - Breeshey Jansen, +8

Best net
1st - Kian Broadhead, 95 - 27 = 68 net
2nd - Hollie Dawson, 100 - 27 (-3) = 70 net
3rd - Jack Gilbert, 79 - 8 = 71 net

1st - Rory MacLeod, 31 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn, 28 points (countback)
3rd - Anthony Saunders, 28 points

Upper Bronze
1st - Sienna Dunn, 17 points
2nd - Nathan Harmer, 16 points
3rd - Daniella Bettridge, 14 points

1st - Luke Hall, 21 points
2nd - Shannon Saunders, 19 points
3rd - Ellie Kniveton, 18 points

1st - Misha Reynolds

Chipping trophy: Ana Dawson, 65 points
Putting trophy: Kayleigh Dawson, 16 strokes (-2)

Bronze/Upper Bronze
Chipping trophy: Lauren Haxby, 40 points
Putting trophy: Daniella Bettridge, 20 strokes (+2)







25th August - Magic Carpets Trophy

The good old Manx summertime failed to dampen proceedings this week with so many Peel Juniors on fire at the moment. Scoring in the inaugral Magic Carpets Trophy was excellent - many thanks to Kevin & Sarah Bettridge of Magic Carpets for their support & to Sarah for presenting the prizes on the night (after caddying duties!). 

 Isline Keeling was runner up in the flag competition, just loosing out to Graihagh Sheen who was this week's winner making it into the hole on the 7th.  The bronze section was as competitive as ever with Callum Christian's 10 points taking 3rd place followed by the ever improving Tyler Lowey in 2nd with 12 points. This week's winner though who will be playing in next week's 9 hole upper bronze was Lauren Haxby on 15 points.  

It was battle of the brothers in this weeks upper bronze category - Callum Cochrane's excellent 23 points took 2nd spot but two points further ahead (7 under par!) was Jack Cochrane....check out your new handicaps lads!
In the 15 hole silver section Rachel Craig was runner up on 26 points with Harry Pack taking victory on 28.

The combined gold/platinum section played for the brand new Magic Carpets Trophy.  Jay Waters followed up his podium position in the weekends Junior/Senior Greensome at Ramsey with 3rd spot on 35 points.  Jack Gilbert had another good round to claim 2nd place with 37 points. Our winner however, winning his first competition off his new full senior handicap of 28, was Kian Broadhead.  Congratulations Kian - surely the first of many PGC Junior trophies!  

1st - Kian Broadhead, 39 points
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 37 points
3rd - Jay Waters, 35 points

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Harry Pack, 28 points
2nd - Rachel Craig, 26 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Jack Cochrane, 25 points
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 23 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Lauren Haxby, 15 points 
2nd - Tyler Lowey, 12 points
3rd - Callum Christian, 10 points

1st - Graihagh Sheen (7th hole)
2nd - Isline Keeling

18th August - Scottish Widows Trophy

There was another great turnout this week for one of the longest running competitions in the PGC Junior calendar, dating back to 1998. Very many thanks go to both Juan Clark & Paul Young of Scottish Widows for their continued support of the Peel junior section, taking time to meet all the players on the night & presenting the prizes in front of a packed clubhouse.
 Once again, conditions were perfect with warm sunshine, lush fairways & slick, true greens.  This set the scene for another evening of excellent scoring & battered handicaps.  In the flag competition, Josh Crabtree made it to the 7th hole just losing out to Stanley Wilson who reached the 8th fairway to claim victory. 

18 players did battle in the busy 6 hole bronze section, half the field breaking their handicaps!  In 4th with 16 points was Thomas Kewley & last weeks winner, Curtis Grose, was 3rd with 18 points. Scott Moffat fired it round in a fine 19 points to take 2nd spot & section promotion.  Joining Scott in upper bronze was this week's winner Tom Cain who scored a cracking 8 under par 20 points.  In this week's upper bronze section Daniella Bettridge took the top spot with a very steady 19 points. In silver, one of the most improved golfers of the season scored a remarkable 39 points in 15 holes (9 under) - step up Liam Kniveton who secured both the win, his full senior handicap of 28 & promotion to gold.  Well done Liam - not far behind dad now! 

Scoring in this week's gold & platinum sections was equally as dazzling - 7 out of the 12 entrants all playing to their handicaps or better.  In the platinum category, Jack Gilbert took runner up with 40 points, just losing out to regular podium visitor & this week's winner James Kelly on 41.  Making his first gold section appearance for a while (due to summer work commitments) was Jay Waters with 38 points. Our winner though, & back to back winner at that, with an impressive 42 points to lift the final Scottish Widows Trophy in it's current form was Pheric Jansen.  Congratulations Pheric....& another fine speech!  

1st - Pheric Jansen, 42 points (& overall winner) 
2nd - Jay Waters, 38 points

1st - James Kelly, 41 points 
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 40 points

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Liam Kniveton, 39 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Daniella Bettridge, 19 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Tom Cain, 20 points 
2nd - Scott Moffatt, 19 points
3rd - Curtis Grose, 18 points
4th - Thomas Kewley, 16 points

1st - Stanley Wilson (8th fairway)
2nd - Josh Crabtree (7th hole)

11th August - Dandara Open

Over 40 players enjoyed excellent golfing conditions in this week's clubnight, kindly sponsored by Dandara who were represented on the night by Jo Orton - many thanks Jo for presenting the prizes. 

Jack Timson made it to the 8th hole to take victory in the flag section.  Scoring was impressive, as were the number of competitors (16) in the 6 hole bronze section.  The Top 5 all broke their handicaps including Tom Cain (14 points) in 4th, Luke Hall (17 points) in 3rd & runner up Scott Moffatt (18 points). Taking the win on his bronze section debut and on countback from Scott was Curtis Grose.  Well done Curtis!  Also very deserving of a mention in the bronze category are Callum Christian & Jackson Menton who both scored 2's on the second hole which, with their 54 handicaps, earned them 6 points!!  
The top two in upper bronze could also only be separated on countback, Nathan Harmer just pipping Daniella Bettridge with his level par 18 points.  Competition was equally fierce in the 15 hole silver category.  In any normal week Alex Craine's 36 points would be more than enough to take the win...but not this week...step up Kelly McMullin who fired it round in a 10 under handicap 40 points! An incredible performance & one that also secures Kelly her full handicap of 36 & promotion to the gold section.

The combined gold/platinum section played for the Dandara Shield.  Best gross went to the returning Tommy Fenlon with an 8 over par 77....welcome back Tommy!  Second spot overall went to James Kelly who continued his great season with a 79 gross, 66 net. Our winner though, successfully defending his 2014 title, was Pheric Jansen with 89 gross, less 24 handicap, 65 net.  Congratulations to Pheric who also set a very high standard with his excellent acceptance speech.    

1st - Pheric Jansen, 89 - 24 = 65 net 
2nd - James Kelly, 79 - 13 = 66 net

Best gross - Tommy Fenlon, 77

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Kelly McMullin, 40 points
2nd - Alex Craine, 36 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Nathan Harmer, 18 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Curtis Grose, 18 points 
2nd - Scott Moffatt, 18 points
3rd - Luke Hall, 17 points
4th - Tom Cain, 14 points

1st - Jack Timson (8th hole)

9th August - Peter Kniveton Memorial Open

This Sunday saw 30 juniors battle it out for the inaugral Peter Kniveton Memorial Trophy in near perfect conditions. Many thanks to Phil Kniveton & family for establishing this new competition & their support of the Peel Junior section.

Although there were just the three entries in the flag competition this week, the standard was very high with both Curtis Grose & Olivia Bettridge reaching the 9th hole to take the joint win & secure promotion to the 6 hole bronze section. Rumour has it Olivia could possibly have reached the 10th hole but was reluctant to sink her putt into quite a muddy hole early on in the round - we'll make sure the holes are cleaner next week Olivia! 

In the bronze section the top two both broke their handicaps.  Shannon Saunders fired it round in 13 points but our winner with 15 points was the rapidly improving Tom Cain, well done Tom.  In upper bronze Jack Cochrane scored a steady 17 points to take the runner up spot but a further 5 ahead on a stunning 23 points was Alex Craine.  Congratulations to Alex who now moves up to the 15 hole silver section.   In the silver competition we had a very popular winner with our Sponsor's son, Liam Kniveton, scoring a solid 26 points.

The combined gold/platinum section played for both the Peter Kniveton Trophy & Daily Telegraph finals qualifier. In the best gross comptition, Ramsey Ball (Ramsey GC) took the runner up prize with an 8 over par 77 gross. Best gross went to Ana Dawson with a 4 over par 76. Ana's level handicap score also took runner up spot overall alongside cousin Kayleigh Dawson (Daily Telegraph section).  Our clear winner though, easily breaking the ton for the first time with a 96 less 34, 62 net was 10 year old Hollie Dawson.  Hollie celebrated with an excellent jig on the 18th green, very professional acceptance speech & the promise of a slap up chinese meal from her dad!  Many congratulations Hollie.     


1st - Hollie Dawson, 96 - 31 (-3) = 62 net 
2nd - Ana Dawson, 76 - 4 (-3) = 69 net

Daily Telegraph - gross
1st - Ana Dawson, 76 (+4)
2nd - Ramsey Ball, 77 (+8)

Daily Telegraph - net
1st - Hollie Dawson, 96 - 31 (-3) = 62 net
2nd - Kayleigh Dawson, 80 - 5 (-3) = 72 net

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Liam Kniveton, 26 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Alex Craine, 23 points
2nd - Jack Cochrane, 17 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Tom Cain, 15 points 
2nd - Shannon Saunders, 13 points

1st - Curtis Grose & Olivia Bettridge (9th hole)

4th August - Stuart Blackley Construction

This week's clubnight was once again very kindly sponsored by Stuart Blackley Construction.  Many thanks to Stuart for coming along to present the prizes on the night.  The course was once again pristine, slick greens & just the odd light shower to keep things nice & cool.

In the flag competition Curtis Grose & Kieran Mylrea both made it to the 8th hole with Curtis just coming out on top. The top 6 in the bronze section all broke their handicaps.  Dean Bettridge, who will play in upper bronze next week, scored 13 points to take 4th spot with Scott Moffatt & Lauren Haxby one ahead to take 3rd & 2nd.  This week's clear winner though was Tom Cain with a fantasic 18 points in 6 holes.  
In the 9 hole upper bronze section Alex Craine's 14 points was enough to snatch the runner up spot, 4 points behind winner Callum Cochrane's steady 18 points.     
There was some good steady scoring too in the 15 hole silver section.  Kelly McMullin was runner up on countback with 29 points, just one behind Harry Pack who took his 5th silver section victory of the season. 

The combined gold/platinum section played for the Stuart Blackley Construction Shield.  Newly crowned IoM Ladies Champion Breeshey Jansen won best gross with a 76 (+4).  Overall runner up went to 10 year old Hollie Dawson with 68.  This week's winner however, and a back to back winner at that, was James Kelly with 79 (- 14 handicap), 65 net.  Congratulations again James on your third win in the last 4 weeks!  

1st - James Kelly, 79 - 14 = 65 net 
2nd - Hollie Dawson, 103 - 32 (-3) = 68 net

Best gross - Breeshey Jansen, 76 (+4)

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Harry Pack, 30 points 
2nd - Kelly McMullin, 29 points (on countback)

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Callum Cochrane, 18 points
2nd - Alex Craine, 14 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Tom Cain, 18 points 
2nd - Lauren Haxby, 14 points
3rd - Scott Moffatt, 14 points
4th - Dean Bettridge, 13 points 

1st - Curtis Grose (8th hole)
2nd - Kieran Mylrea (8th hole)

28th July - Whittaker Trading Trophy

Clubnight this week was sponsored by long time supporters of the Peel Junior section, Whittaker Trading. The course was once again in perfect condition, just the odd shower tempered some of the scoring on the night. 

The exception to this was in the flag comp where 4 players all made it into the hole on the 9th green.  Hollie Biggane did it in spectacular style by holing her second shot from 50 yards!  Congratulations to joint winners Hollie, Luke Hall & Tom Cain who all receive their 54 handicaps & are promoted to the busy bronze section.  

John Reynolds was one of the few players to break his handicap this week.  John won the 6 hole bronze section with 16 points.  Runners up were Oliver Cox (12 points) & Scott Moffatt (10).  Upper bronze victory, narrowly beating his brother on his section debut, went to Jack Cochrane with 14 points.   Both Rachel Craig & Arthur Young played to their handicaps in the silver section with 30 points - Arthur just snatching victory on countback.

The combined gold/platinum section played for the Whittaker Trading Trophy.  Best gross went to Junior Captain & IoM Ladies Island Championship finalist Kayleigh Dawson.  The overall winner with 83 gross, 68 net winning his second PGC Junior comp of the season was Junior Vice Captain James Kelly. Congratulations James!

1st - James Kelly, 83 - 15 = 68 net 

Best gross - Kayleigh Dawson, 82 (+10)

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Arthur Young, 30 points (on countback)
2nd - Rachel Craig, 30 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Jack Cochrane, 16 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - John Reynolds, 16 points 
2nd - Oliver Cox, 12 points
3rd - Scott Moffatt, 10 pts

= 1st - Hollie Biggane, Luke Hall & Tom Cain (9th hole)

21st July - Hanover Resources Trophy

PGC Juniors this week played for the Hanover Resources Trophy very kindly supported once again by Richard & Alison Jones.  Glenn Saunders was on hand on the night to present the prizes on behalf of the company. Conditions were quite tricky & it was clear to see on many of the damp cards where heavy, persistent rain had started to affect some otherwise good scoring! 

As usual, the flag comp was very closely contested.  No less than four players all all holed out on the 8th within their allocated 36 shots....but newcomer Luke Hall reached the 9th fairway to take his first win. 
The top 3 in the 6 hole bronze section all broke their handicaps. Harry Eyres & Lauren Haxby took the runer up spots but our winner with a magnificent 18 points & also earning promotion to the upper bronze section to do battle with his brothers was Jack Cochrane.

In this weeks upper bronze, Alex Craine's steady 18 points was enough to take second spot but our winner who will be playing in the 15 hole silver section next week was Rachel Craig with 20 points. Congratulations Rachel.
Arthur Young had a good debut in this weeks silver comp with a steady 29 points but it wasn't quite enough to fend off the ever improving Harry Pack who mustered a fine 32 points to claim victory. 

In the combined gold/platinum section Ana Dawson, taking a short break from this weeks Ladies Island Championship in Douglas, won best gross with a 5 over 77.  Jack Gilbert's 72 net was enough to take net runner up.  Winner of this years Hanover Resources Trophy though & his second PGC Junior trophy win of the season with a 69 net was Joe Saunders...cue big hug from dad!      


1st - Joe Saunders, 93 - 24 = 69 net 
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 81 - 9 = 72 net

Best gross - Ana Dawson, 77 (+5)

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Harry Pack, 32 points 
2nd - Arthur Young, 29 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Rachel Craig, 20 points
2nd - Alex Craine, 18 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Jack Cochrane, 18 points 
2nd - Lauren Haxby, 14 points
3rd - Harry Eyres, 13 pts

1st - Luke Hall (9th fairway) 
Runners up - Edward Field, Tom Cain & Hollie Biggane (8th hole)

14th July - Clubnight

Clubnight this week saw one of our biggest entries of the season with 65 players across all handicap sections.  The calm, dry weather & excellent excellent course conditions reflected in the superb scoring with lots of handicap reductions on the night.    

Olivia Bettridge hit form to take victory in the flag comp from regular podium finisher Edward Field & Misha Reynolds. Nathan Harmer followed up last weeks 6 hole bronze section win with another great performance (20 points) to take both top spot & promotion to Upper Bronze.  Well done Nathan.  Jack Cochrane, John Reynolds & Scott Moffatt made up the other prize winning positions. In this weeks upper bronze we had another repeat winner with Arthur Young firing it round in a five under par 23 points.  Izzy Dunn & Rachel Craig also had good laps to secure prize placings & handicap tweaks.  Both Arthur & Izzy are now in the 15 hole Silver section.

Kelly McMullin claimed her first Silver section win (31 points) from Jack Slinger (28 points).  
There were 8 entries in the combined gold/platinum section - however, with so many great performances in the growing Silver & Upper Bronze sections recently & summer holidays looming it won't be long before we see some further promotions to the 18 hole competition.  This week Pheric Jansen fired it round in a steady 34 points to take third spot.  In second, Hollie Dawson followed up her good showing in last weekends Lancashire Girls Championships with 35 points.  Claiming his first PGC Juniors win of the season after so many recent near misses was our Vice Captain James Kelly.  Congratulations James.......   


1st - James Kelly, 38 points 
2nd - Hollie Dawson, 35 points
2nd - Pheric Jansen, 34 points

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Kelly McMullin, 31 points 
2nd - Jack Slinger, 28 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Arthur Young, 23 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn, 20 points
3rd - Rachel Craig, 19 pts (countback)

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Nathan Harmer, 20 points 
2nd - Jack Cochrane, 16 points
3rd - John Reynolds, 12 pts (countback)
4th - Scott Moffatt, 12 points

1st - Olivia Bettridge 
2nd - Edward Field 
3rd - Misha Reynolds

7th July - Maitland Trophy

Clubnight this week was kindly sponsored by Maitland Investment Services, very many thanks again to Jaco Jansen for his continued support of PGC Juniors & presenting the prizes on the night.

In a contrast to last week's glorious sunshine, our 39 competitors battled it out in very damp & breezy conditions this week....standard July Manx weather!
The flag comp was another tight affair with both Edward Field & Tom Cain getting to within six foot of the hole - Tom just pipped it.  Nathan Harmer blitzed the bronze section with a 5 under par 17 points (down 3 shots Nathan!).  Lauren Haxby & Shannon Saunders took the runner up spots.
This weeks upper bronze section saw yet another Young win - this week it was Arthur Young with 16 points. Daniella Bettridge was one further back in second with 15 points. Liam Kniveton claimed his 3rd silver win of the season with 31 points, followed by Dollin Jansen with 30 points.

The combined gold/platinum section contested the Maitland Trophy.  The tricky conditions contained scoring a little but three cards still returned a level par 36 points.  Unfortunately, an unsigned card meant one DQ but this still left Pheric Jansen & Ana Dawson only separated on countback - Ana's back 9 of 19 points was just enough to take her 2nd PGC Junior win of the season.     


1st - Ana Dawson, 36 points* 
2nd - Pheric Jansen, 36 points

on countback

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Liam Kniveton, 31 points 
2nd - Dollin Jansen, 30 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Arthur Young, 16 points
2nd - Daniella Bettridge, 15 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - Nathan Harmer, 17 points 
2nd - Lauren Haxby, 12 points
3rd - Shannon Saunders, 11 points

1st - Tom Cain (8th green)
2nd - Edward Field (8th green)

30th June - Clubnight

Cracking weather this week & some equalling cracking scores!

1st - Lea Dawson, 38 points
2nd - Owen Dawson, 38 points

Silver (15 holes)
1st - Harry Pack, 35 points 
2nd - Tom Slinger, 28 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)
1st - Tom Young, 27 points
2nd - Douglas Dixon, 23 points
3rd - Izzy Dunn, 19 points

Bronze (6 holes)
1st - James Cochrane, 16 points 
2nd - Dean Bettridge, 13 points

Edward Field (9th)

28th June - "Junior" Peel Town Cup

Once again sponsored by the Peel Town Commissioners and in attendance for the Prize Presentation was Mr Ray Harmer the Chairman of the Commisioners. The Junior Peel Town Cup saw the following results.

In the flag competition for the non handicappers it was another consistent performance from Hollie Biggane who took the prize. In the Bronze section Dean Bettridge was successful with a score of 13 points which saw his handicap reduce to 49 for his next round. 
The upper bronze section was the busiest this week and takes some winning most weeks - however - Anthony Saunders came through once again with 21 points, securing a handicap reduction to 39 and elevation to the silver section next time out. Second on this occasion was Tom Young with 17 points-indicating that it won't be long until we see much more of Tom picking up the prizes in the future.....
The silver section is growing nicely and is getting competitive. This weeks winner with 25 points was Harry Pack who is improving steadily this term.

So to the Gold section with the silverware on offer for the winner.  In 3rd place with a nett score of 75 was Hollie Dawson just loosing out to her sister Lea by two strokes on 73 nett. However, successfully defending her trophy which she won last year was Breeshey Jansen with a splendid 76 gross leading to a 64 nett and winning comfortably to take this years honours. Well done Breeshey!

23rd June - Alex Neill Memorial Trophy

This week the junior section celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Alex Neill Memorial competition very kindly sponsored by Tony Neill & family. There are some famous names on the trophy including newly crowned Mens Island Champion Tom Harris (2009 winner)! 

The flag competition was once again very close. Graihagh Sheen & Jack Timson took the runner up spots but reaching the 8th green and claiming her first flag victory was Iselin Keeling.  
The bronze section was very busy and another close run affair.  Lauren Haxby, Shannon Saunders & Thomas Kewley all scored 15 points to take 4th, 3rd & 2nd spot (plus 2 shot handicap reductions). James Cochrane however went one better with 16 points to secure the win & promotion to the 9 hole upper bronze section.  

A cool headed Anthony Saunders (18 points) & excited Kelly McMullen (19 points) took podium positions in this weeks upper bronze....Kelly also moves up to silver next week.  This week's top spot was taken by the ever improving Arthur Young with 21 points.  Five players did battle in this weeks silver section - runner up was Rory McLeod with a steady 30 points but the clear winner for a second time with 35 points was Liam Kniveton.   

The combined gold/platinum sections played a medal competition for the Alex Neill Memorial Trophy.  Best gross went to Alex McAuley with a level par 69. Joe Saunders (24) had another steady lap to take third in the net with 69.  James Kelly (16) went two shots better (despite a lost ball) to claim second spot.  This years winner, ahead of representing the Isle of Man at the Island Games in Jersey next week, was Junior Captain Kayleigh Dawson (6) with a 66 net (3 over par gross).  Congratulations Kayleigh & best of luck from all at the club to you, Ana, Emma & Christina next week....bring home a medal!  

Gold/Platinum (18 hole bogey)

1st - Kayleigh Dawson, 75 - 6 (-3) = 66 net
2nd - James Kelly, 83 - 16 = 67 net
3rd - Joe Saunders, 93 - 24 = 69 net

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Liam Kniveton, 35 points 
2nd - Rory McLeod, 30 points

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Arthur Young, 21 points
2nd - Kelly McMullin, 19 points
3rd - Anthony Saunders, 18 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - James Cochrane, 16 points 
2nd - Thomas Kewley, 15 points
3rd - Shannon Saunders, 15 points  
4th - Lauren Haxby, 15 points  


1st - Iselin Keeling, 8th green
2nd - Jack Timson, 8th fairway
3rd - Graihagh Sheen, 7th hole

16th June - Gallagher Tankard

Club night this week was kindly supported by long time sponsor Albert Gallagher & his family.

Once again, there was some excellent scoring across all handicap categories. The top three in the ever popular flag competition all richly earned their handicaps & are promoted to the bronze section.  Evie Hulme & Jayden Dodd took the runner up spots but this weeks winner was Oliver Cox.    

Dean Bettridge & Callum Cochrane put in some further good performances in the 6 hole bronze section but Douglas Dixon's 17 points took the win.  Well done to Callum & James who move up to upper bronze.  The upper bronze section could not have been any closer this week with our top 3 of Rachel Craig, Tom Slinger & Daniella Bettridge all scoring 17 points.  Victory went to Daniella on countback.   In the 15 hole silver section, a solid 30 points sealed the top spot for Callum Brookes.

The gold & platinum players contested the Gallagher Tankard over an 18 hole bogey competition.  Jack Gilbert continued his steady form on level par and Lea Dawson made a return to the podium with +1. The winner of this years Gallagher Tankard however with a handicap shredding +4 was Owen Dawson. Congratulations Owen, the return of your repaired faithful driver must have made the difference!

Gold/Platinum (18 hole bogey)

1st - Owen Dawson, +4
2nd - Lea Dawson, +1
3rd - Jack Gilbert, 0

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Callum Brookes, 30 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Daniella Bettridge, 17 points (on countback)
2nd - Tom Slinger, 17 points (on countback)
3rd - Rachel Craig, 17 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Douglas Dixon, 17 points 
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 16 points
3rd - Dean Bettridge, 13 points   


1st - Oilver Cox, 9th fairway
2nd - Jayden Dodd, 9th fairway
3rd - Evie Hulme, 8th fairway

9th June - Clubnight

Another quiet clubnight this week due to TT & half term holidays - but 25 players enjoyed the best conditions of the season so far! Hollie Biggane took her maiden win in the flag compeition, just pipping Olivia Bettridge into 2nd spot. John Reynolds shot a steady 12 points in the six hold bronze section to take the win from Shannon Saunders. Upper bronze was a close run affair with Anthony Saunders winning on countback with 16 points.  

Liam Kniveton continued his good run in silver with 32 points to claim victory & another handicap adjustment.
There were some unfortunate lessons learned in the combined gold/platinum where 2 of the 7 starters were disqualified on technicalities.  Our top two both scored 36 points though and could only be separated on countback - Ana Dawson's 20 points back was 5 better than James Kelly's to secure the win. 

Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Ana Dawson, 36 points (on countback)
2nd - James Kelly, 36 points

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Liam Kniveton, 32 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Anthony Saunders, 16 points (on countback)

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - John Reynolds, 12 points 
2nd - Shannon Saunders, 9 points   


1st - Hollie Biggane, 8th hole
2nd - Olivia Bettridge, 8th hole

2nd June - 3 Club Challenge

Clubnight was a bit quieter this week due to the TT practices, however, there were still 35 competitors across all the sections.

Scott Moffatt followed up his flag section victory last week with another win & promotion to the bronze category in the process.  Our runners up were Hollie Biggane & Misha Reynolds.  
There was another good showing in the bronze section this week by the Cochrane brothers (who all successfully handed their cards in this week!).  Jack took 3rd with 11 points, Callum 2nd with a cracking 19 points - but our winner with a magnificent 20 points in 6 holes was Douglas Dixon.  
Upper bronze was also tightly contested - Arthur Young had another good lap with 19 points but our winner, notching up 21 points was Liam Kniveton.  Congratulations to Liam who plays in the Silver section next week. 

The silver, gold & platinum sections all played the annual 3 club challenge.  Conditions were tricky with a strong breeze so club selection was crucial.  Callum Brookes took the silver prize with 25 points.  Our winner of the  combined gold/platinum section using a 3 wood, gap wedge & putter was Jack Gilbert......congratulations Jack!

Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Jack Gilbert, 34 points 

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Callum Brookes, 25 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Liam Kniveton, 21 points
2nd - Arthur Young, 19 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Douglas Dixon, 20 points 
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 19 points   
3rd - Jack Cochrane, 11 points 


1st - Scott Moffatt, 9th hole
2nd - Hollie Biggane
3rd - Misha Reynolds


26th May - Inghams Stableford

 Another busy club-night this week sponsored by Inghams.  Many thanks to Nicky & Lynne Ingham for their long time support of the junior section. 

There was once again some fantastic scoring, particularly in the ever growing bronze, upper bronze & silver sections with multiple handicap reductions on the night.  Evie Hulme once again made the rostrum in the flag competition just losing out to our winner on the night Scott Moffatt.  Lauren Haxby & Dean Bettridge took 4th & 3rd spots in bronze with 14 points but our top two will be playing in upper bronze next week.....Daniella Bettridge flew round in 20 points to take 2nd place only to be denied victory by Ben Ferns who fired an 11 under par 23 points in just 6 holes!   

This weeks upper bronze top 3 placings we separated by just one point.  Alex Craine & Izzy Dunn both scored 20 points to take the runner up spots but our winner with 21 was Liam Kniveton.  Following up his victory in last weekends IoM Junior Order of Merit 9 holer at Mount Murray, making his silver section debut the in form Rory McLeod took the win with 36 points.  

The combined gold/platinum section played for the Inghams Trophy.  The scoring couldn't have been any tighter with the top 3 all sharing 36 points.  James Kelly's (19 h'cap) back 9 of 17 points earned him 3rd spot. Owen Dawson (11) also had a very steady round keeping no worse than a 5 off his card - his second half of 18 points was enough for 2nd place on the night.  Playing partner Jay Waters (25) clearly had things under control though amassing 19 points on the back 9 which included 2 blobs! Congratulations Jay.

     Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Jay Waters, 36 points 
2nd - Owen Dawson, 36 points
3rd - James Kelly, 36 points 

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Rory McLeod, 36 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Liam Kniveton, 21 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn, 20 points
3rd - Alex Craine, 20 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Ben Ferns, 23 points 
2nd - Daniella Bettridge, 20 points   
3rd - Dean Bettridge, 14 points 
4th - Lauren Haxby , 14 points


1st - Scott Moffatt, 8th hole
2nd - Evie Hulme, 8th hole

19th May - KPMG Trophy

 A blustery & chilly clubnight this week but, as always, the scoring remained impressive with multiple handicap reductions & promotions on the night. Many thanks again go to KMPG for their continued sponsorship & support of the junior section & to Kerry Fenna for presenting the prizes.

The flag & bronze sections were busy as usual & fiercely competitive. Evie Hulme & Hollie Biggane made it to the 8th hole to claim the flag competition runner up spots - just one more hole girls & you get your handicaps!  But our clear flag winner this week was Jackson Menton who made it to the 9th green....well done Jackson - enjoy your debut on the full course next week.
      In this week's 6 hole bronze section Sienna Dunn & Tom Slinger both scored 15 points to take 4th & 3rd.  There was another good performance by James Cochrane with 17 points to take 2nd - but our back to back winner with a scorching 20 points (8 under) was Arthur Young.  Both Sienna & Arthur move to upper bronze next week.

Liam Kniveton & Callum Brookes both smashed their handicaps in upper bronze to take 3rd & 2nd spots. Our winner obliterated his though - step up Rory McLeod with an 8 under par 26 points!  Callum & Rory are promoted to silver where things were a bit quieter this week with Kian Broadhead taking victory.
The combined gold/platinum section played a medal format for the KPMG Trophy.  Ana Dawson took best gross with a 78 (6 over par).  Lea Dawson was 2nd overall with 73 net but our runaway winner with a net 62 (his best round to date of 90 gross less his handicap of 28) was Joe Saunders.  Congratulations on your first PGC Juniors win of the season Joe - and don't let your old dad near your new driver!   


Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Joe Saunders, 90 - 28 = 62 net 
2nd - Lea Dawson, 87 - 11 (-3) = 73 net

Best gross - Ana Dawson, 78 (+6)

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Kian Broadhead, 22 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Rory McLeod, 26 points
2nd - Callum Brookes, 23 points
3rd - Liam Kniveton, 21 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Arthur Young, 20 points 
2nd - James Cochrane, 17 points   
3rd - Tom Slinger, 15 points 
4th - Sienna Dunn, 15 points


1st - Jackson Menton, 9th green
2nd - Hollie Biggane, 8th hole
3rd - Evie Hulme, 8th green

12th May - Conroy Henry Trophy

A very busy clubnight this week and was kindly sponsored by Brendan Conroy

There were 54 entries across all sections with some big fields in both the flag and bronze categories. 
Some great performances on a tricky windy evening on the flag course - Evie Hulme, Oliver Cox & Hollie Biggane took the runner up spots but congratulations to Jack Moyer who took the win by reaching the 9th & is promoted to next week's 6 hole bronze section. 
The top 5 placings in this weeks bronze competition all broke their handicaps. Fourth spot went to Jack Slinger with 13 points, third to Ben Ferns with 15 & second to Callum Cochrane with 16.  However, our winner with a stunning 20 points was Arthur Young who earned a handicap trimming of 5 in the process! 
In the 9 hole upper bronze section, Liam Kniveton & Anthony Saunders took the runner up spots with 15 points.  Our run away winner though was Izzy Dunn with a fine 18 points. 
Harry Pack claimed a hat-trick of wins in the 15 hole silver section once again firing it round in 29 points. 

The combined gold/platinum section played for the Conroy Henry Trophy.  The dry but breezy conditions helped contain much of the scoring but two players managed to break their handicaps. Last years winner Jack Gilbert shot a steady 37 points to take second spot but our clear winner with 39 points was the ever improving Lea Dawson - congrats Lea on your second PGC Juniors win of the season & new handicap of 11!     

Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Lea Dawson, 39 points 
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 37 points

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Harry Pack, 29 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Izzy Dunn, 18 points
2nd - Anthony Saunders, 15 points
3rd - Liam Kniveton, 15 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Arthur Young, 20 points 
2nd - Callum Cochrane, 16 points   
3rd - Ben Ferns, 15 points 
4th - Tom Slinger, 13 points


1st - Jack Mayer, 9th
2nd - Hollie Biggane, 8th
3rd - Oliver Cox, 7th near green
4th - Evie Hulme, 7th fairway

5th May - Perry Cup

This week's clubnight was kindly sponsored by John & Jessie Perry, long time supporters of the PGC Junior section. Many thanks too to Jessie for being on hand to present the prizes on the night.

The flag competition was a very close run thing - Evie Hulme made it to the 8th hole with her 36 shots but was just pipped to the win by Jacob Brookes who reached the 9th fairway & is promoted to the bronze section. 
The top 3 in the bronze section all broke their handicaps - John Reynolds 3rd with 14 points, James Cochrane with 15 & our winner with 16 points Daniella Bettridge. Enjoy your trimmed handicaps!
There was a similar story in upper bronze - Alex Craine has a steady lap with 18 points closely followed by Lisa McMullin with 19. Out in front by a clear margin and now just one shot away from promotion to silver was Callum Brookes with 21 points - next week Callum!     
The silver section was quieter this week but Harry Pack's rock steady 29 points was enough to take victory.   
The gold/platinum section contested the Perry Cup.  No one ran away with it this week - any of the top 5 could have claimed the win after 14 holes.....but, as it often the way at Peel, the last 4 holes can make or break a good round.  James Kelly was right in the hunt but in the end had to settle for 2nd spot with 36 points.  Our winner however parred in from the 15th (2 under net) to successfully defend his title  - congratulations Jack Gilbert on your first PGC Junior win of the season!

Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Jack Gilbert, 37 points 
2nd - James Kelly, 36 points

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Harry Pack, 29 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Callum Brookes, 21 points
2nd - Lisa McMullin, 19 points
3rd - Alex Craine, 18 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Daniella Bettridge, 16 points 
2nd - James Cochrane, 15 points   
3rd - John Reynolds, 14 points 


1st - Jacob Brookes, 9th fairway
2nd - Evie Hulme, 8th hole

28th April - Black Grace & Cowley

Another good turnout this week for our first big comp of the 2015 season kindly sponsored by Mark Grace of Black Grace & Cowley Estate Agents. 
The flag section was busy once again with 17 players doing battle to see how far they could get with their 36 shots. The top 3 placings of Callum Cochrane, Douglas Dixon & this weeks winner Arthur Young all secured promotion to the 6 hole bronze section - well done lads!  
Some familiar names came out on top again in this weeks very competitive bronze.  James & Jack Cochrane took 4th & 3rd places on their course debut with 14 points but were bettered by two other siblings, Ellis & Sienna Dunn.  Congratulations to Sienna on her win with an excellent 20 points.  Ellis mustered 16 points to take second & the happy consolation of promotion to the 9 hole upper bronze category.

The girls were on top in upper bronze.  Rachel Craig's steady 18 points took 2nd spot but our winner with a 3 under 21 points & elevation to the 15 hole silver section was the in form Caitlin Dowds. Just the 3 players in silver this week which was dominated by Dollin Jansen with 33 points & yet another handicap reduction.

The combined gold/platinum section played a medal round for the Black Grace & Cowley Trophy.  Despite the tricky breezy & chilly conditions scoring was again pretty hot.  Our best gross & returning to good form with 4 over par was Ana Dawson.  The consistent Jack Gilbert put in another steady round to take second place with a net 68.  Our winner however by a fair margin & fresh from last weekends IoM Junior Order of Merit victory was Lea Dawson with a cracking 63 net - congratulations Lea.      

Gold/Platinum (18holes)

1st - Lea Dawson, 80 - 14 (-3) = 63 net 
2nd -Jack Gilbert, 78 - 10 = 68 net

Best gross - Ana Dawson, 76 (4 over par)

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Dollin Jansen, 33 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Caitlin Dowds, 21 points
2nd - Rachel Craig, 18 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Sienna Dunn, 20 points 
2nd - Ellis Dunn, 16 points   
3rd - James Cochrane, 14 points 
4th - Jack Cochrane, 14 points


1st - Arthur Young
2nd - Douglas Dixon
3rd - Callum Cochrane

21st April - Clubnight

An impressive turnout this week with 55 players enjoying a round in the spring sunshine.
Competition was fierce across all sections with scoring no doubt helped by both the decent weather, recent  growth spurts, coaching sessions & good old fashioned practice....  

19 participated in the popular flag section with no less than 5 players earning their bronze stripes & 6 holes on the full course next week. Well done to Tyler Lowey, James & Jack Cochrane for all reaching the 8th green. Ellie Kniveton reached the 9th to take second spot but our winner reaching the 9th green was John Reynolds
In this weeks bronze section the top 7 scores were all level par or better....so getting into the prizes was tougher than ever.  4th spot went to Tom Slinger (13 points), 3rd Lisa McMullin (17 points) & 2nd Ben Ferns with an 8 under par 20 points.  Incredibly though it wasn't anywhere near the winning score of 24 points notched up by Liam Kniveton who's handicap is now 9 less & is promoted to upper bronze for his trouble!  

Alex Craine took the win in the 9 hole upper bronze section with 19 points with Anthony Saunders 5 points behind & slotting into 2nd place.   There was some good scoring too in the 15 hole silver section but Jack Slinger comfortably came out on top with an impressive 37 points followed by Dollin Jansen (32 points) & comeback kid Harry Pack (31 points).    

Over half the field of 12 players scored level net par or better in the combined gold/platinum section.  Ana Dawson must have thought her 39 points was enough. Jack Gilbert must have been certain that his 41 points would not be beaten....but up step Owen Dawson who just sealed victory with a better last 6 holes.  Well done to Owen & to everyone for the great performances this week - make sure you check out your new handicaps! 


Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Owen Dawson, 41 points* 
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 41 points
3rd - Ana Dawson, 39 points

*winning on back 6

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Jack Slinger, 37 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Alex Craine, 19 points
2nd - Anthony Saunders, 14 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Liam Kniveton, 24 points 
2nd - Ben Ferns, 20 points   
3rd - Lisa McMullin, 17 points 
4th - Tom Slinger, 13 points


1st - John Reynolds, 9th green
2nd - Ellie Kniveton, 9th tee
3rd - Jack Cochrane, 8th green
4th - James Cochrane, 8th green
5th - Tyler Lowey, 8th green

(All promoted to bronze!)

14th April - Junior Captains Drive In

A great turnout this week with 48 players competing across all sections.  Before the presentation in a packed clubhouse, everyone also raced to claim Captain Kayleigh Dawson's drive in ball which went straight down the middle & over the heads of most! 

Earlier in the evening 17 played in the flag competition, one of our biggest ever entries. Coming out on top was Callum Christian who made it all the way to the 8th and the bronze section with his 36 shots.  The top 3 in the busy bronze section this week all broke their handicaps but our clear winner by 4 points was Lisa McMullin from Tom Slinger & Ellis Dunn.
There was good scoring too in the upper bronze section this time with Caitlin Dowds taking the win with a 3 under par 21 points, 5 clear of Izzy Dunn closely followed by Callum Brookes. The handicap breaking continued in the silver section with Jack Slinger taking victory with 31 points.

In the nights combined gold/platinum division it was Dawson, Dawson & Dawson! In his first appearance of the season Owen took 3rd place with 33 points loosing out to in form cousin Lea by 2 points.  Rising to the occassion on the night though was Captain Kayleigh Dawson with a sparkling 38 points.  Well done Kayleigh both on your win & impressive drive in. Enjoy your year in office!    


Gold/Platinum (18 holes)

1st - Kayleigh Dawson, 38 points
2nd - Lea Dawson, 35 points
3rd - Owen Dawson, 33 points

Silver (15 holes)

1st - Jack Slinger, 31 points 

Upper bronze (9 holes)

1st - Caitlin Dowds, 21 points
2nd - Izzy Dunn, 16 points
3rd - Callum Brookes, 15 points

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Lisa McMullin, 19 points 
2nd - Tom Slinger, 16 points   
3rd - Ellis Dunn, 15 points 


1st - Callum Christian, 8th hole
(Promoted to bronze)

7th April - Clubnight

Spring arrived just in time for this weeks clubnight which reflected in the excellent scoring. 
The flag competition was closely run with Shannon Saunders & Liam Kniveton both making it to the edge of the 9th green but our winner making it to the 10th was Ben Ferns.  Congratulations to all 3 players who are promoted to the 6 hole bronze section for next week.

In bronze this week Nathan Harmer's winter practice paid off with a solid 13 points to take 2nd place. Our back to back winner was however Ellis Dunn with a cracking 16 points (4 under his handicap).
Uper bronze & Silver were combined this week over 9 holes - once again the scoring was impressive. Alex Craine's excellent 21 points wasn't quite enough to fend off Callum Brookes who took victory with a 4 under par 22 points - both will play off their new 44 handicaps next week.  

The high quality golf continued through to the 14 hole Gold/Platinum section & our single figure handicappers came out on top this week. Alex McAuley continued his early form & last week's win with 30 points.  However, this week's winner on countback & laying down her marker for the season was Breeshey Jansen  


1st - Ben Ferns, 10th green 
2nd - Liam Kniveton, 9th  
3rd - Shannon Saunders, 9th 

Bronze (6 holes)

1st - Ellis Dunn, 16 points 
2nd - Nathan Harmer, 13 points    

Upper bronze / Silver (9 holes)

1st - Callum Brookes, 22 points
2nd - Alex Craine, 21 points

Gold/Platinum (14 holes)

1st - Breeshey Jansen, 30 points (on countback)
2nd - Alex McAuley, 30 points

31st March - First Clubnight of 2015

28 players braved icy wind, hail showers & very occassional sunshine this week in the first clubnight of the 2015 season. Hopefully things will warm up a bit for next week!  In view of the tricky conditions, all sections played a shortened course whilst our beginners and flag section received further coaching from Paul O'Reilly.

Ellis Dunn & Lisa McMullin had a close battle in the bronze section, both playing to their handicaps but Ellis sneaking the win with a better last 2 holes.  Caitlin Dowds cruised to victory in upper bronze earning a handicap reduction in the process.  Kian Broadhead made a comeback to the golfing scene after a year's break to take the silver section spoils.  In the gold/platinum section Alex McAuley (scratch handicap) shot an excellent one over par 19 points in ten holes to stroll to the win.         

Bronze (4 holes)

1st - Ellis Dunn, 8 points (on countback)
2nd - Lisa McMullin, 8 points    

Upper bronze (6 holes)

1st - Caitlin Dowds, 13 points
2nd - Anthony Saunders, 9 points

Silver (7 holes)

1st - Kian Broadhead, 10 points

Gold/Platinum (10 holes)

1st - Alex McAuley, 19 points
2nd - Jack Gilbert, 16 points
3rd - Lea Dawson, 14 points 

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