2nd September 2012
Cowley Groves

This years Cowley Groves stableford competition was blessed with perfect golfing conditions, warm and sunny for a change !!! Coming out on top for the 2nd week running after bagging the club championship was Alex McAuley - his 32 gross inward 9 proving decisive, in his score of 38 points !!

Platinum Section:
1st Alex McAuley 38pts
2nd Tommy Fenlon 36pts

Gold Section:
1st Lea Dawson 36pts
2nd Katie Watterson

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Breeshey Jansen 18pts
2nd Dan Sandford 16pts

Bronze Section:
1st Dollin Jansen 11pts
2nd Holly Dawson 8pts

28th August 2012
Alex McAuley - 2012 Club Champion

This week saw one of the highlights of the Peel GC Juniors season - the club championship. Coming out on top as 2012 junior club champion, with an excellent 75 gross in testing conditions, was Alex McAuley.
There were lots of prizes to play for including the annual chipping & putting competitions for each section.  All of our prize winners are listed below.  Look out too for some well deserved handicap trimmings this week for Breeshey, Ciara, Tommy & Harry!

Putting Championship:
Non Handicap winner - Harry Eyres
Bronze winner - Anthony Saunders
Upper Bronze winner - Kian Broadhead
Silver/Gold/Platinum winner - Joe Raeside (in playoff)

Chipping Championship:
Bronze winner - Hollie Dawson
Upper Bronze winner - Harry Pack
Silver/Gold/Platinum winner - Ana Dawson

Combined Putting & Chipping Champions:
Bronze/Upper Bronze - Harry Pack
Silver/Gold/Platinum - Ana Dawson 

Flag Section:
2012 Flag Champion - Alice Main

Bronze Section:
2012 Bronze Champion - Hollie Dawson 11pts 
2nd Natalie Young 10pts
3rd Anthony Saunders 8pts

Upper Bronze Section:
2012 Upper Bronze Champion - Breeshey Jansen 19pts 
2nd Emer Halton 17pts
3rd Harry Pack 16pts

Silver Section:
2012 Silver Champion - Nathan Teare 25pts

Gold Section (net):
1st Ciara Halton 64 net
2nd Joe Raeside 69 net

Platinum Section (net):
1st Ana Dawson 78 net
2nd Anthony Young 81 net

Gold & Platinum best net:
Winner - Ciara Halton 64 net 
(on countback from Harry Daniels)

Gold & Platinum best gross:
2012 Club Champion - Alex McAuley, 75
2nd Tommy Fenlon, 80
3rd Harry Daniels, 82   


21st August 2012

KPMG Trophy

This week we played a new competition sponsored by KPMG and kindly arranged by Russell Kelly. After another bright and warm start, the heavens opened mid way through the evening.  This didn't affect scoring too much though with all winners comfortably playing to or beating their handicaps.

 Hollie Dawson continued a good run of form in the bronze section to take the win and a handicap trimming of 3.  Breeshey Jansen took the spoils in upper bronze with 18 points. Adam McCauley followed up his win and 67 gross in the Frank Dagleish last weekend with another solid knock to beat his brother Alex in platinum by 1 point.  Taking the gold section on countback from Tommy Fenlon and overall winner of the KPMG Trophy was Ciara Halton with 37 points.  Well done Ciara on lifting your second Peel juniors trophy of the season!

Bronze section

1st Hollie Dawson, 17 pts

2nd Anthony Saunders, 10 pts

Upper Bronze section

1st Breeshey Jansen, 18 pts

2nd Dan Sandford, 14 pts

3rd Pheric Jansen, 13 pts (on count back to the last hole!)

Gold section

1st Ciara Halton, 37 pts (on back 9)

2nd Tommy Fenlon, 37 pts

Platinum section

1st Adam McCauley, 36 pts

2nd Alex McCauley, 35 pts


14th August 2012
Gallagher Reid Tankard

In glorious conditions, this week we played for the Gallagher Reid Tankard.  Many thanks to Albert Gallagher for again sponsoring the competition. The format for the Platinum, Gold & Silver sections was our annual 3 club challenge - which always sorts the young men out from the boys (& ladies from the girls!).   Despite the limit on club selection, scoring was impressive with Tommy Fenlon yet again taking the win with a cracking 34 points, this time on countback from James Kelly.  

Anthony Young battled to 31pts to finish top Platinum.
 Nathan Teare took his 2nd win in as many weeks in the silver section. 
Solid scoring saw Kian Broadhead take the win the the upper bronze section (earning a handicap reduction to 42) 
Dollan Jansen pipped Hollie Dawson to 1st in the bronze section.
Harry Eyres was the flag comp winner with his 36 shots taking him to the hole on the 6th green. 

Platinum Section:
1st Anthony Young 31pts

Gold Platinum Section:
1st Tommy Fenlon 34pts (winning on back 9)
2nd James Kelly 34pts
3rd Lea Dawson 32pts

Silver Section:
1st Nathan Teare 22pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Kian Broadhead 19pts (now off 42!)
2nd Breeshey Jansen 17pts

Bronze Section:
1st Dollan Jansen 8pts (winning on countback)
2nd Hollie Dawson 8pts

Flag Competition
Winner - Harry Eyres. In the hole on the 6th.

7th August 2012
Inaugural Hanover Resources Sponsored Stableford

Summer arrived last night at last !!! With excellent playing conditions and a good course, the scoring was as hot as the sunshine. Winning again was in-form Killian Conroy despite his ever decreasing handicap. Thanks to Alison and Richard for their generous sponsorship and Alison's gracious speech during the presentations.

Platinum Section:
1st Killian Conroy 39pts

Gold Platinum Section:
1st Tommy Fenlon 37pts
2nd James Kelly 36pts
3rd Emily Jones 30pts (back 9)

Silver Section:
1st Nathan Teare 31pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Kian Broadhead 16pts
2nd Joseph Saunders 15pts

Bronze Section:
1st Hollie Dawson 10pts

Flag Competition winner was Rowan Keating who reached the 7th green with his 36 allotted shots


24th July 2012
Alex Neill Open

This week saw our final open comp of the season - the Alex Neill Trophy kindly sponsored, once again, by club slalwart Tony Neill.  After last weeks washout the weather was a little kinder to us and moist but calm conditions certainly didn't dampen the scoring.  The results in all divisions were close but coming out on top following recent good form was Ciara Halton with an excellent net 6 under par.

Platinum Section:
Best Gross - Killian Conroy. 75

1st Rob Noon.  76 - 5 = 71 net
2nd Ana Dawson.  84 - 9 (12) = 72 net

Gold Section:
1st (& trophy winner) Ciara Halton.  96 - 30 (33) = 63 net 
2nd Harry Daniels. 86 - 18 = 68 net

Silver Section:
1st Matty Shimmin. 28 points 

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Joe Saunders. 18 points
2nd Chris Cromption. 17 points
3rd Ciaran Gell. 14 points
4th Olly McGowan. 13 points

Bronze Section:
1st Oliver Fleming. 15 points 
2nd Izzy Dunn. 12 points
3rd Anthony Saunders. 11 points 

Flag Competition:
Saw 7 up & coming stars keep on going & going! 

(pictures to follow.....)

10th July 2012
Royal London 360
An excellent turnout meant good scoring and stiff competition for the prizes for the inaugural Royal London 360 sponsored competition. Thanks to Simon Pack for attending the presentation on behalf of Royal London. Winning his 3rd trophy of the season was Tommy Fenlon with yet another score better than his ever reducing handicap.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Tommy Fenlon 38pts
2nd Killian Conroy 36pts (on countback)
3rd Joe Raeside 36pts 

Silver Section:
1st Jay Waters 34pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Matty Shimmin 17pts (winning on back 3)
2nd Conrad Loubser 17pts 
3rd Ciaran Gell 12pts
4th Rory McCleod 10pts

ronze Section:
1st Anthony Saunders 8pts (winning on back 3)
2nd Rudi Bryce 8pts


3rd July 2012
With a poor turnout due both to the weather and the IoM Ladies Championships taking place at Rowany, it was decided to just play for the usual club stableford prizes.

Gold Platinum Section:
1st Anthony Young 39pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Kian Broadhead 19pts
2nd Christian Crompton 13pts

Bronze Section:
1st Oliver Fleming 9pts

1st July 2012
Peel Junior Town Cup

The 2nd Junior Peel Town Cup was played as part of golf week this year and in less than perfect conditions, Harry Daniels took the honours and the bragging rights in the Daniels household !! Many thanks to Eric Beale, Chariman of Peel Commissioners for turning up to present the prize winners.

Platinum Section:
1st Scott Donald
2nd Rob Noon

Gold Platinum Section:
1st Harry Daniels 
2nd Joe Raeside

Silver Section:
1st Jay Waters

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Kian Broadhead 17pts
2nd MattY Shimmin 16pts
3rd Breeshey Jansen 10pts

Bronze Section:
1st Hollie Dawson 9pts


26th June 2012
Pringle Law Sponsored Open
Our golf week open competition was played in good conditions with the combined Platinum/Gold section playing for the Pringle Law Trophy. 

Platinum/Gold Section:
1st Ana Dawson
2nd Tommy Fenlon
3rd Killian Conroy 
4th Danny Kane 

Silver Section:
1st Chelsea Kneen 30 pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Matty Chimmin 22pts
2nd Joseph Saunders 15pts
3rd Olly McGowan 13pts

Bronze Section:
1st Conrad Loubser 16 pts
2nd Pheric Jansen 15 pts
3rd Anthony Saunders 8 pts


 19th June 2012
Dandara Sponsored Open
The first open competition of the year was played in good conditions last night with the Gold and Platinum sections playing a medal round for the Dandara Trophy. With a superb lap of 64 nett Harry Daniels took the honours by 7 shots picking up both the Trophy and a healthy handicap reduction - soon to be lower than the comp secretary !

Platinum Section:
1st Chris Biddulph 70
2nd Natt Nicholson 72
3rd Ana Dawson 72

Gold Platinum Section:
1st Harry Daniels 64
2nd Kayleigh Dawson 71
3rd Katie Watterson 74

Silver Section:
1st Emily Jones 33 pts
2nd Chelsey Kneen 32 pts
3rd Jay Waters 26 pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Dan Sandford 15pts
2nd Christian Crompton 13pts
3rd Matty Shimmin 12pts

Bronze Section:
1st Rory MaCleod 13 pts
2nd Hollie Dawson 11 pts
3rd Anthony Saunders 9 pts

Congratulations also to Rachel Craig who won the Flag competition for the 3rd time!!


12th June 2012
John Perry Sponsored Stableford / Charity Night
It was PGC Juniors annual Charity night on the 12th June, combining with the John Perry Sponsored stableford Competition. John is a long standing member of the club and has given his sponsorship to PGC Juniors for an equally long time, many thanks John !! Along with the normal prize presentation we had the pleasure of the company of Lyndsay Quayle, the Peel representative of our chosen charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer. A donation on the night of £200 was given from PGC Juniors.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Lea Dawson 38pts
2nd Joe Raeside 36pts
3rd Anthony Young 34pts

Silver Section:
1st Matt Cairns 17pts
2nd Chelsey Kneen 16pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Matty Shimmin 16pts
2nd Ciaran Gell 14pts
3rd Daniel Sandford 12pts

Bronze Section:
1st Pheric Jansen 17pts
2nd Conrad Loubser 14pts
3rd Rory Mcleod 13pts
4th Ethan Sayle 12pts


5th June 2012
Club Competition
Thanks to the TT and the older Juniors having more exams the turnout last night was a little depleted on previous weeks. After a week of good weather for the TT practices and races, Junior Clubnight was once again the victim of weather with wind and rain from the off !! Despite this, a good few ventured out and produced some good scores despite the conditions.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Harry Daniels 40pts
2nd Tommy Fenlon 35pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Christian Crompton 18pts
2nd Matty Shimmin 17pts

Bronze Section:
1st Pheric Jansen 16pts
2nd Ciaran Gell 15pts


29th May 2012
Maitland Sponsored Trophy
The inaugural Maitland Trophy was contested last night and many thanks to Jaco Jansen for the great trophy and presenting the prizes to all the winners.  Tommy Fenlon lifted his second trophy of the season with a superb 38 points beating his nearest rival by 6 !!!

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Tommy Fenlon 38pts
2nd Herman Loubser 32pts
3rd Ana Dawson 31pts

Silver Section:
1st Katie Watterson 33pts

Flag Competition:
1st Amber Crook

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Joseph Saunders 17pts
2nd Breeshey Jansen 16pts
3rd Kian Broadhead 15pts

Bronze Section:
1st Ciaran Gell 13pts
2nd Rory Mcleod 12pts
3rd Pheric Jansen 11pts
4th Izzy Dunn 10pts


22nd May 2012
Inghams Sponsored Bogey
On another balmy summers night the Ingams sponsored Bogey produced some brilliant golf and Alex McCauley lifted the trophy with superb score of 3up just pipping the ever present Herman Loubser on the back 9 countback.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Alex McCauley 3up
2nd Herman Loubser 3up
3rd Kayleigh Dawson 1up

Silver Section:
1st Emily Jones 36pts
2nd James Pringle 29pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Breeshey Jansen 15pts
2nd Olly McGowan 13pts
3rd Catherine Craig 13pts

Bronze Section:
1st Jordan Sayle 20pts (playing in the upper bronze section next week)
2nd Oliver Fleming 16pts
3rd Anthony Saunders 15pts
4th Rory McLeod 14pts

Well done to all those who broke their handicap again this week, the standard of golf has improved every week, keep it up !!!

15th May 2012
Ramsey Crookall Stableford

Unfortunately due to the dreaded GSCE's and A-Level exams we had far fewer competitors than in prior weeks for the Ramsey Crookall sponsored stableford format event last night (but good luck to all those sitting their exams in the coming weeks). With an excellent score of 37 points, Tommy Fenlon saw off the competition last night in good, if not breezy, conditions and with the course in great shape. 

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Tommy Fenlon 37pts
2nd Alex McCauley 33pts

Silver Section:
1st Jay Waters 26pts
2nd James Pringle 20pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Emily Jones 20pts (playing in the silver section next week)
2nd Matty Shimmin 14pts
3rd Breeshey Jansen 11pts

Bronze Section:
1st Jordan Sayle 16pts
2nd Chris Crompton 15pts (playing in the upper bronze section next week)
3rd Ethan Sayle 14pts
4th Oliver Fleming 12pts


8th May 2012
Stuart Blackley

With the largest turnout so far this year the competition for the Stuart Blackley sponsored trophy was going to be very competitive ! The ever improving Herman Loubser, amassed 40pts of his handicap of 4 to take the trophy and the bragging rights, a very impressive knock !! He was equally impressive in his acceptance speech thanking both the greenstaff, barstaff and of course Stuart for his ongoing support of the club.

Some excellent scoring in the other sections meant that yet again several players will have to check their handicaps before next week.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Herman Loubser 40pts
2nd Matty Nicholson 38pts
3rd Ana Dawson 35pts

Silver Section:
1st Matthew Cairns 37pts
2nd James Pringle 32pts
3rd Billy Hesketh 31pts

Pictured above with sponsor Stuart Blackley: Herman Loubser, Matthew Cairns, Matty Nicholson, Ana Dawson, James Pringle

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Kian Broadhead 16pts
2nd Catherine Craig 15pts

Bronze Section:
1st Dan Sandford 17pts
2nd Conrad Loubser 16pts
3rd Oliver Fleming 13pts
4th Izzy Dunn 12pts

Congratulations to all the prize winners and to those who earned a handicap reduction, keep practising ! Well done also to Daniel Sandford who moves from the bronze to the upper bronze next week !


1st May 2012
Whittaker Trading Open

PGC juniors held their first open competition of the season this week.  Very many thanks once again go to Whittaker Trading for sponsoring the event.  

Scoring was a little tempered this week by an icy stiff breeze which made conditions feel more like February than May.  One clear exception was James Pringle who, in the Silver section, amassed an impressive 36 points in 15 holes to take the win from Nathan Teare.  Check your handicap for next time James!

In the combined Gold/Platinum section Alex McAuley carded a very solid 79 gross off his 9 handicap to, with a net 70, pip Owen Dawson on countback and win the Whittaker Trading Trophy.     

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Alex McAuley 79 - 9 = 70 net
2nd Owen Dawson 92 - 22 = 70 net
3rd Rob Kelly 72 net

Silver Section:
1st James Pringle 36pts
2nd Nathan Teare 26pts

Pictured: Rob Kelly, James Pringle, Nathan Teare, Owen Dawson

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Olly McGowan 16 pts
2nd Matty Shimmin 14 pts

Bronze Section:
1st Ciaran Gell 16 pts
2nd Izzy Dunn 16 pts losing on countback
3rd Conrad Loubser 15 pts


24th April 2012
Conroy Henry Cup

A total of 45 golfers took to the course to compete for the Conroy Henry cup last night, high scoring proved to be the order of the night and winning the trophy with a great score of 43 points was Lea Dawson (having only moved up to the gold section last week). The winners were all presented with their prizes from sponsor Brendan Conroy.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Lea Dawson 43pts
2nd Harry Daniels 41pts
3rd Matthew Nicholson 39pts

Silver Section:
1st Liam Costain 34pts
2nd Katie Watterson 33pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Matthew Shimmin 22pts
2nd Kian Broadhead 11pts

Bronze Section:
1st Ciaran Gell 15pts
2nd Christian Crompton 15pts
3rd Dan Sandford 14pts
4th Natalie Young 14pts


17th April 2012
Hot scoring despite cool weather !

39 Competitors took to the course last night and, as last week, the scoring was excellent despite a stiff breeze and cool conditions.

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Joe Raeside 43pts
2nd Owen Dawson 41pts
3rd Herman Loubser 38pts

Silver Section:
1st Lea Dawson 38pts
2nd Tom Anderson 30pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Katie Watterson 20pts
2nd Kian Broadhead 16pts

Bronze Section:
1st Joseph Saunders 20pts
2nd Christian Crompton 15pts
3rd Dylan McGeown 14pts
4th Dan Sandford 13pts

FLAG Competition:
Joint winners - Oliver Flaming & Conrad Loubser 
Both reached the 8th green with their allotted 36 shots.
(Conrad obviously picking up some hints from big brother!!)

Congratulations to all the prize winners and to Lea Dawson, Katie Watterson and Joe Saunders who all move up into their next respective playing category. Well done to Rudi Bryce and Josh Gleave who both earned their handicaps and will be competing in the Bronze section next week !


10th April 2012
Our prayers were answered !!

Thanks to a vast improvement in the weather compared to last week, a total of 45 competitors took part in last nights clubnight, with each section playing for the honours in a Stableford format. Despite being only the 2nd week back the scoring was very close and some excellent scores again means the handicap secretary will be busy cutting a few handicaps before next week !!

Gold/Platinum Section:
1st Owen Dawson 42pts
2nd Matty Nicholson 37pts
3rd Alex McAuley 36pts

Silver Section:
1st Alex Holden 33pts
2nd Liam Costain 29pts

Upper Bronze Section:
1st Billy Hesketh 20pts (winning on the back 1!)
2nd Matty Cairns 20pts

Bronze Section:
1st Pheric Jansen 15pts
2nd Joseph Saunders 13pts
3rd Daniel Sandford 10pts

Well done to all the prize winners !!! Our resident Pro - Paul O Reilly has been giving the newcomers lessons and this will continue next week for those who have just started. Congratulations also to Kieran Gell and Christian Crompton who have earned their handicaps and will be taking part in the Bronze competition from next week onwards.



3rd April 2012
1st Clubnight of 2012 - Only for the brave !!!

Despite near freezing conditions and a howling wind with the odd bit of hail thrown in for good measure, PCG Juniors finally got the 2012 season up and running last night. Despite not very many venturing out onto the course there were still some prizes to be played for and some excellent scores were returned despite the difficult conditions:

Gold Section:
1st Ana Dawson 21pts
2nd Anthony Young (2012 Junior Vice Captain) 18pts

Silver Section:
1st Alex Holden 11pts (winning on countback)
2nd Lea Dawson 11pts

Bronze Section:
1st Matty "Mash" Shimmin 11pts 
2nd Joseph Saunders

Mash earns a handicap reduction and promotion to the upper bronze section, well done !!

Let's hope for some improvement in the weather for next week !!


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