Enjoying the game of golf is not just about playing well. Even when you are playing badly you can still have fun by enjoying being with your friends in beautiful surroundings but this enjoyment can be spoiled if you get into trouble for not behaving properly on the golf course. So to make sure you know what is expected of you, read the doís and doníts listed below and for a bit of fun take a look at the booklet called ĎDonít be a Golf Menaceí. (If you havenít got a copy of the booklet just ask any of the members of the Junior Committee for one.) Many of these guidelines are to keep you and others safe on the course.


            Who plays first

  • The player furthest from the hole plays first
  • Consider the enjoyment of others
  • Play without delay
  • Ensure that no-one is standing in a position to be hit by your club, the ball or any other object when you make a practice swing or stroke
  • Be ready to play when it is your shot
  • Leave your bag between the green and next tee before putting
  • Obey signs telling you where not to take your golf trolley
  • Allow others to play through when you are searching for a lost ball
  • Repair divot holes and pitch marks even if they arenít yours
  • Rake a bunker after playing from it
  • After use, place rakes so that the head of the rake is in the bunker and the handle is outside the bunker
  • Write your score for the previous hole on your card only when you have reached the next tee
  • Ensure that at the end of every competition you and your marker have signed your card and handed it in without delay
  • Shake hands with your opponents and partners when the last putt has been sunk




  • Behave in an unsportsmanlike manner, throw clubs or make unnecessary noise on the course
  • Play a shot until the group in front are out of range
  • Stand too close to the person playing the shot
  • Leave your bag in front of the green
  • Write scores down whilst on the green or in the clubhouse but the locker room is OK
  • Take too many practise swings, one practise swing is sufficient
  • Slide, drag feet or lean on putter or flagstick on the green




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