The “Ace” Place.                         Hole in One

Here is your own “Hall of Fame” area where we will publish the names of everyone who is fortunate enough to get an elusive “Hole in One” while playing with Peel GC Juniors.


There are not many golfers who can say that they have achieved the rare feat and we think that if you get one it should be noted. So who will be the first to get his/her name on the “Roll of Honour?”


Name                                Date                                       Hole                                             Club used

Dan Hawke                Sunday 26th April 2009        13th at Castletown 133 yards Par 3              Pitching wedge

Sean Keane                Saturday 22 May 2010         12th at Peel Par 4                                       Driver

David Gardner           Friday 4 June 2010               2nd at Peel Par 3                                       Pitching wedge

Richard Gault            Not known                           2nd at Peel G C Par 3                                       Not known

Herman Loubser                15th June 2010.                               2nd at Peel G C Par 3                                                         7 Iron
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