What to wear on the golf course         Golfer dresscode



Peel Golf Club’s Junior Committee have spent hours watching the best golfers in the world to see what they wear on and around the golf course and as we want you to be the best, we have made a list of what we have seen them wearing and what we have never seen them wearing.                                                                    


What ‘the best’ wear                        Female golfing                                         


·       Golf shoes* - but never in the clubhouse                     

·       Tailored shorts or trousers

·       Polo style shirt, or, shirt with a collar. They all have their shirts tucked in 

·       Caps – but not in the clubhouse



 Golf shoes


What ‘the best’ never wear


·       Jeans or denims

·       Football or rugby shirts

·       Tracksuits or shell suits

·       Trainers*


*As golf shoes are expensive, beginners are allowed to wear trainers until they decide whether or not, they like the game but make sure the trainers have good treads so that your feet don’t slip when you are swinging the club.



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