Code of Conduct for Juniors

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Show respect to other golfers.

Enjoy the game and the company of others.

Dress smartly and be well mannered.

Tell us if you are concerned about anything and ask if there is something you would like to know.

Be organised and on time.

Practise hard and when you play, think before you act.

Do not drink alcohol, use drugs, swear or smoke.

Look after the course and greens; a lot of time and money is spent on keeping them in good condition.

Gradually learn the rules of golf and play honestly and fairly.

Follow the club rules.

We advise juniors to keep a mobile phone with them while on the golf course, however it must only be used in emergencies, and must be switched off, at all other times, so not to distract other golfers.

If you have a problem with another member adult or junior, you must tell one of the Welfare Officers, as soon as possible about the problem, do not confront them yourself.


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Guidelines for Parents & Guardians

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Golf and its affiliated organisations believe that parents should:

Be a role model for your child and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with young people, other parents, officials and organisers.

Always behave responsibly and do not seek to unfairly affect a player or the outcome of the game.

Never intentionally expose any young participant to embarrassment or disparagement by the use of flippant or sarcastic remarks.

Always recognise the value and importance of the officials and volunteers who provide sporting and recreational opportunities for your child. Do not publicly question the judgement or honesty of referees, coaches or organisers. Respect convenors, professionals, coaches, referees, organisers and other players. Parents are welcome to attend events and coaching sessions but should not interfere with the coach or professional while working with the player.

Encourage your child to play by the rules. Teach your child that honest endeavour is as important as winning and do all you can to encourage good sportsmanship.

Set a good example by applauding good play on all sides. Encourage mutual respect for other junior members, team-mates and opponents.

Parents should support all efforts to remove abusive behaviour and bullying behaviour in all its forms. Please refer to bullying policy within Golf’s guidelines.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct:

  1. I will respect the rules and procedures set down by Golf.

  1. I will respect my child’s team-mates and leaders as well as players, parents and coaches from opposing teams. I will encourage my child to treat other participants, professionals, coaches, convenors, selectors and managers with respect.

  1. I will give encouragement and applaud only positive accomplishments whether from my child, his/her team-mates, their opponents or the officials.

  1. I will respect my child’s coach(es) and support his/her efforts.

  1. I will respect the officials and their authority during sessions and events within the organisation and under the auspice of Golf.

  1. I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use foul language.

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